8 pony tail styles that make you look fresh and fabulous

The humble pony tail can cover up all manner of hair ills, from oily roots to bad regrowth and lank locks. And the genius thing is that a pony can do all this AND make it look like you actually made an effort.

Here’s my favourite pony tail styles that will bring a bit of fab to your day.

1.    Braided mer-pony

Such a glorious look for the talented. Obviously works best on those blessed with cascading mermaid locks and mad skillz, such as the beautiful Christina from Hair Romance.Kristin_ess_braid_pony

Image: instagram@kristen_ess


Image @hairromance  |  Website hairromance.com

2.   Twisted pony

A super stylish look that elevates the pony to a work of art.


Image @jennychohair


Image @hairbylaurenm 

3.   Sleek pony

A red carpet pony. Get the GHDs out ladies, we’ll be here for a while….


Image @stefanhair


Image @evohair

4.   Bling pony

A great way to tame your tresses and add a bit of vavoom at the same time.


Image @kristin_ess


Image @hairbyadir

5.   Textured pony-goddess

The holy grail of the pony world. The best of the best in ‘effortless’ chic. The equivalent of one of those Spanish dancing ponies with their mirror shiny rumps and velvet dancing shoes. We can only dream.


Image @kristin_ess


6.   Double pony, naynay

Who wouldn’t want two for one?


Image @hairbyadir

7.  Low-rise pony

A relative of the textured pony, but perhaps a little more easily achieved by mere mortals with shoulder length hair.



Images @hairbylaurenm

8.  The Shetland

A short, sturdy version but give it a perky twist and you have a real showpony on your head.


Image @mararoszak


Image @bhavehair

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