8 reasons short hair will make you feel amazing

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For most of my adult life I’ve had very short hair. There have been pixie cuts, sleek bobs and flicky layers.

Very rarely have have my locks grazed my shoulders.  Only then because babies and six weekly appointments don’t play nicely together. After a major chop there is always sweet relief and the sensation of returning to who I am. It’s how I get my mojo back.

Why Short Hair Rocks by Robyna May


Here’s why short hair rocks

  1. It’s low maintenance on a daily basis. I run my hands through my hair and I walk out the door. It takes no time to wash and even less time to dry. It’s never an issue at the beach, the pool or when camping. It’s just easy as. Which suits me, as I am extraordinarily lazy when it comes to beauty.
  2. Bed-head is actually at rockstar level when you get up. On the very rare occasion I had longer hair, it would take a good half hour to achieve tousled locks. That just-had-a-rather-good-time insouciance did not come easily. But when your hair is short, bed-head is inevitably pretty good without having to work for it (with a hairbrush and dryer in any case).
  3. You wear statement earrings like a boss. Short hair and great earrings are made for each other. How sexy is a chandelier earring grazing a bare shoulder? The shorter my hair is, the bolder I am with my earring choices.
  4. You avoid the lazy pony-tail. Here’s what I do when my hair is long enough to put it into a pony-tail — I put it into a pony-tail. All. The. Damn. Time. What’s the point? If I’m never going to wear my hair out, I figure I may as well chop it off and have an actual style.
  5. It’s great for playing sport. It’s out of the way. It’s cool when you start to get warm. You don’t get sweaty stray hairs plastered all over your face. You can go out afterwards and your hair still rocks.
  6. You feel a bit bad-ass and rebellious. Okay, I know keeping my hair short isn’t a huge political statement but I do it for no-one but myself. I wear my hair short because I like it short. Not because my partner likes it. Not because it’s in fashion. But because it’s my thing and I own it. Because not everyone else does it. For the freedom when the clippers reveal a naked nape and the locks fall around me. There is a reason women cut their hair after ending relationships. There is something liberating about losing the weight of long hair.
  7. You can colour it often and it’s not (as) damaging. I have been a brunette, a red-head, and every shade of blonde you can think of. Currently it’s white blonde in a cunning ploy to foil the “ash tones” that are coming through. My hair is in reasonable condition despite all the abuse. When you keep it short, you are always dealing with younger, healthier hair. So you can go wild with the colour box.
  8. You have to go to the hair dresser every six weeks. So this is the higher maintenance bit about short hair. I need to keep going back to the hair dresser to keep it looking great. But it’s no bad thing. Every six weeks I catch up on trashy mags, drink a coffee in peace and step out looking and feeling amazing.

Seriously, what’s not to love?

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