9 perfect Christmas gifts for teachers

If you’re anything like me, you leave teacher gifts till the last minute every Christmas and end up giving some manky slice that the kids helped to make because you don’t know what else to buy. But fear not! This year we are getting organised good and early (but not that early, Christmas holidays are coming in just a few weeks, kids!).

We’ve put together a bunch of our favourite teacher gifts from Champagne Cartel, and because different price points work for different folks – and some teachers are more deserving than others – we’ve arranged them in ascending order of price.

You might notice these gifts are more appropriate for our lady teachers. We know! It’s not because we don’t value the awesomeness of our male teachers. My daughter has had a particularly fantastic male teacher this year and he’ll be getting something great. But our gift shop specialises in gorgeous gifts for luscious ladies, so that’s where our focus is today.

We’re sure you’ll find something you love!


Rennie Ellis Union Jack Tropical Lip Balm – $13.95


Tove Johansson Pocket Mirror – $14.50


Cecily Tea Towel “Discovering that chocolate has a low GI and is high in antioxidants awakened Cecily’s interest in health foods.” – $16.00


Bea Bellingham Pamela Salt/Ring Dish in Palm Trees – $20.00


Ruby Olive South Pacific Frangipani Earrings – $24.00


Rennie Ellis Working Girl Butter Hand Cream – $27.95


Jetsetter Greek Key Glass Water Bottle – $39.95


Bea Bellingham Angie Vase in Watermelon – $50.00


Typewriter umbrella – $80.00

For more gift ideas for your favourite teacher, hit our Shop For Your Teacher page at Champagne Cartel.

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