Autumn trends: extend your summer threads into the cooler months

So here we are, it’s April! We’re not in summer anymore, Dorothy. (Unless you’re in Brisbane where it was 30 degrees and 100% humidity over the weekend. What. The?)

But we’re not in Winter either. URGH. Seasonal purgatory.

And you’re thinking GOD, I’m lost with these autumn trends…I have nothing to wear! Well, I bet you do. You just need to think creatively about the shit you own. At this time of year I keep cycling through my summer stuff and just jazz it up so it suits the change of seasons.

Here’s five ideas to help you revamp your summer wardrobe and bring it singing and dancing into autumn.

1. Jump, jump for my love!

Wear a jumper over one of your cute summer frocks. Let me repeat what I said. A jumper. I did NOT say cardi. Well, you can wear a cardi. I’ll concede that you can wear a cardi over anything, but tread carefully my friends, cardis can be at best tres boring and at worst frumpy and scream of giving up. Innit?

So pull out your favourite summer dress. Add a patterned or mohair or plain jumper. Throw on some closed in shoes: ankle boots or stilettos or ballet flats. A totes cute, preppy, vintage vibe.

140401 AutumnEdits_JumpJump

140401 AutumnEdits_JumpJump2 copy

2. Pleather please

Pleather – i.e. plastic/leather – i.e. vinyl. Controversial? Yes. Is it hip, or horrible? Hmmm, the jury’s still out.

This is one of the more irresistible autumn trends for me, I do like this gear! Takes me back to the 90s when I would go out sporting a pair of skin tight, super-shiny PVC pants teamed with a white t-shirt, the word ‘MILK’ emblazoned across my ta-tas. Because of the way it stretched across my substantial bosoms, my friends would all scream MMMIIIIIILLLLLLLKKKKKKK at me. Ah, good times…

Bring your look into the 21st century with your favourite stripy tee or a classic white shirt. Adorable, edgy. Julia Zamiro, eat your face off heart out.

140401 AutumnEdits_Pleather

3.  Scarf it

Okay, so you’re mooching around your neighbourhood in your standard summer staple, a tank top and shorts. And you think well, I can’t bring this crap into autumn. Yes, you can! Just chuck a scarf on, swap your thongs for a pair of biker boots, and Bob’s your buncle, you’re autumnified!

And if it gets chilly you have permission to wear that cardi, I suppose. But make it a nice one please. Witchery and Country Road always do smashing cardis.

140401 AutumnEdits_Scarves

4. Jack-it if you want

I love a bit of rock chick action. Toughen up a frock with a biker jacket or team with a pencil skirt for a look that’s well on trend (sorry, I had to say it once in this post).

Or go for a boyfriend blazer. I have one that I wear with a yellow lace skirt or a pair of Tokito tailored shorts. Cu-uuuute! I’m heavy on top so I sometimes find jackets a bit bulky. To counter this I wear a fitted tank and something short on the bottom. Unless you’re puny, never do boyfriend jeans and a boyfriend blazer. You’ll look like a chunky bag-lady.

Oh, and I think it’s hilarious that the biker jacket in this pic is ‘vegan’. Nee vinyl. LOL.

140401 AutumnEdits_Jackit

5. Pantastastic

It’s pants time ladies, hurrah! Get those jeans out of storage and chuck ‘em in the freezer overnight to freshen them and kill those panty-moths. The amazing versatility of jeans is never boring. You can wear them with a classic white button down shirt and flats; red stiletto heels, a punky tank and a vintage vest; or a seasonal tee and loafers.

Or better still, treat yourself to the best black trousers ever: Sacha Drake skinny, high-waisted brilliance. Somehow they give the illusion of willowy height. That’s where Sacha excels. She designs for real women. Just sayin’.

140401 AutumnEdits_sachadrakepants


What pieces are you excited to get into this autumn?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


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