Champagne Gillian apologises to the cardigan: best cardi looks for winter

In last week’s fashion post I made some quite disparaging remarks about the dear old cardi. Some readers weren’t too happy. I felt a modicum of guilt about being such a bitch-face. So today I am here to make restitution.

But seriously, you know my cardi-scorn is not unfounded. Search the internet for famous cardiganians and you come up with barely a handful of icons. Kurt Cobain (it was the 20th anniversary of his dealth last weekend. RIP Kurt) oft sported a brown cardi. He and my pop are probably punching on in heaven over that cardi now. Mary Kate Olsen (or is it Ashley) likes to wander around pushing her trolley of rubbish, swaddled and enfolded in swathes of shapeless, front-buttoning wool. Mini-Yoda or bag lady? Your guess is as good as mine. And Kurt from Glee is particularly fond of the cable knit cardigan. But he’s not a real person, so I don’t think that counts.

Anyhoo enough about them. This is about you!

If you’re wanting to get woolly, but are after sex-appeal rather than granny-cool, here’s some inspiration for you.



And if you want to invest in a spanking new, cuddly bundle then I’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s a few quite splendid options. One of these would shirly take your fancy, ey?

140410 cardi 2


  1. H&M longline cardi
  2. Country Road Long Sleeve Cardigan in Hot Pink
  3. Country Road Waterfall Cardigan
  4. Witchery Patchwork Cardi
  5. Witchery Leather Sleeve Biker Cardi
  6. Country Road Silky Wool Cardigan in Cream
  7. Love is in the noir cardigan, ModCloth
  8. Birdlandia cardigan in blue, ModCloth
  9. Charter School cardigan in froyo, ModCloth


Okay, cardigan, I apologise. You’re not so bad after all.


Are you a fan of the cardi? Which of those above would you like to rock this winter?

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