The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas

The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas

Well here we are. Tis the season to be stressed and mental. Am I right?

As much as I’m definitely in love with this time of year, I admit it can be somewhat frazzling.

So, here’s an idea. Give YOURSELF a gift this Christmas. A teensy sign of appreciation for wading through all the mud and the mire. For pushing your limits and working your little caboose off. And of course for being generally the fab broad you are.

Just go right ahead and think about your damn self for a change. It’s okay. You are awesome. (And we can guarantee you’ll be giving PLENTY to everyone in your life in the next few days, so a bit of something for you isn’t going to kill anyone.)

And of course we’re here to support you in that because, well, we’re awesome too. And we think guilt is for suckers.

Anyway, drumroll….. here we go with our most excellent self-gift idea.

The Gift of Free Time

The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas

Yes I know, this is the fantasy. Wouldn’t we all like a little more of this?

Make it happen! And make it worthwhile. Even just an hour of indulgence will rejuvenate and restore you.

Get someone to look after your dependants, or leave work an hour early. But importantly, be present. Turn off your computer and leave the screen behind for a while.

Imagine all the Champagne Moments you could create with an hour:

  • go to a local park and lie down in the sun/shade (depending on your climate)
  • read a newspaper at a favourite cafe
  • meet a friend for a cuppa
  • sit still and be present, listen to your breath
  • make a cheese platter and hoover it all
  • get a pedicure
  • bake a cake and eat a large piece
  • drive somewhere nice and look at the scenery
  • go for a swim at your local pool
  • got for a bushwalk
  • try on some really expensive jewellery
  • have a look at some art
  • eat gelati
  • smell the roses
  • stare into space
  • kiss your significant other
  • take a walk in the fresh air
  • do a yoga class
  • hug a tree
  • get sexy with your lovely self
  • play some soothing sounds of the ocean
  • cook a meal with a friend
  • have a very long shower or bath
  • dance to your favourite album
  • have a facial or a massage
  • use found objects to fashion a necklace
  • draw a self-portrait without looking at the paper
  • drink champagne.

Just go and be. Wherever you like to be. Away from the Christmas mania. Breathe deeply my lovelies.

Have you taken a Champagne Moment this week? How did it make you feel?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • I got my nails done this past weekend! A little bit of a luxury, although the energy of it was all a little chaotic! I also bought myself a couple of cheap but cheerful dresses from Kmart – perfect for a girl who still has more weight to lose but wants to look nice in something that fits! I could have spent that time shopping for others, I admit (gosh my Christmas list is overwhelmingly last minute this year) but I don’t regret it. I needed a little me time! I think it helped me to feel a little more ready to take on this week! x

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