Booze hacks: how to chill your wine before the cheese platter’s ready

The weather is warming up, and we are approaching full-on party season, but there is very little worse than turning up with a tepid bottle of pinot gris. Amiright?

So the conundrum is this: do you whack it in the freezer, a tub of ice, or wrap it in a frozen tea towel? What is the fastest way to chill wine? Because you don’t want to be left thirsty for one minute longer than is absolutely necessary.


The fastest way to chill wine

You have two options:

  1. Wrap the bottle in a wet tea towel and put it in the freezer – 10 minutes.
  2. Whack plenty of ice in a bucket (crushed is faster than cubes) and add LOTS of salt, then submerge your bottle to the top – 15 minutes.

What you don’t want to do is rely in your freezer, which will take a solid hour. And the party will be over by the time your fridge has done the job – that useless milk closet will take three hours to chill your wine to an acceptable temperature.

Forget it – the tea towel is the answer.

Our ‘So much good wine; so little time’ tea towel is the perfect accompaniment!



AND you can download our handy the-guide-to-chilling-wine PDF and keep it on your fridge over summer. You’ll be the chilled wine maven of your neighbourhood!

What’s your best wine chilling tip?

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