Carolyn’s favourite things

by Carolyn Tate

Here are some things that are keeping me happy over these cool winter months. Seems I like feeling warm and healthy and worthy and pretty. But who doesn’t, right?

united mothersUnited Mothers – a new and very cool organisation that is working to protect the rights of parents in Australia. Their mission is to make Australia one of the most family-friendly nations on earth. It is an Institute Australia project led by Samantha Harding. Love their work!

love-chai-licorice-love-chai01Love Chai brand licorice chai – I’m a sucker for beautiful teas, and my two favourites are licorice (great for curbing a sweet tooth) and chai. Not that disgusting syrup stuff they serve you in most cafes, but the awesome spice combo. The clever people at Love Chai have put licorice and chai together in one fabulous tea. The best thing is that you make it old-school style on the stove. It’s a little ritual that takes me away from everyday into a moment of peace and relaxation. For a minute, at least. It’s also organic and fair trade if that is something you care about.

modclothModcloth – for unique and fabulous clothes by indie designers that you won’t see someone else wearing when you walk down the street. The best thing is that after you have bought something, you can review it. I never buy any items without reading the reviews and checking out photos of real women wearing them first. You might find out the sizing runs a bit small, or the fabric is cheap and nasty, or the garment is made for people with no boobs. All crucial pieces of information. They also have some funky and unique accessories and home décor.

gratitude journal by happy tapperGratitude journal app by Happy Tapper – there may be others but I love this app for iPhone. It is clean and pretty and simple. Every evening at 7.30pm (when my house is in a relative state of peace), it reminds me to think about what I’m grateful for today. I try to enter five things – from scoring a great freelance gig to an elderly woman chatting to my toddler in the supermarket queue. You can also include photos (a great reminder to snap a few off each and every day), and it is password protected so you can be as frank as you like and nobody is going to be all up in your business. We all joke about our first world problems, but this is a super reminder to shut the hell up and be grateful for what we have. I love going through old posts to remind myself of little things that made me smile months ago. You can also share your posts via email if you like.

kiKi Immune Defence and Energy Formula – whenever I can feel myself getting run down, and this time of year is usually when it happens, I take Ki tablets and they work a treat. I went into a pharmacy about five years ago after sustaining cold after flu after gastro, and asked what I could take to strengthen my immune system. The pharmacist recommended these and I have had some in my cupboard ever since. Active ingredients are astragalus, shiitake and olive leaf. It’s a bit expensive but never fails to stop me from getting more bugs. I don’t know how it works – it just does.

What about you? What is keeping you feeling warm, healthy, worthy and pretty this winter?

We are not so grand that anyone pays us to share these opinions. Like that crazy old lady sitting next to you at the bus stop, we just like sharing.

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.

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