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by Tara Magdalinski

Blogs: The Road is Home is one of my favourite blogs because, like so many others, I’d like to be Nirrmi. Her nomadic life, the love she shares with her family, her mothering skills and the ethereal posts and evocative photos are mesmerising. At the other end of the spectrum is Sweaters for Days by Jenny Trout (real name: Jennifer Armintrout), author, blogger, sub. I found her through her insightful and hysterical blogs of the appalling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and have become a fan of this Michigan native. She’s currently blogging Buffy – what’s not to love!

Something dramatic happens to someone on The Bold And The Beautiful. Is she giving birth or dying?
Something dramatic happens to someone on The Bold And The Beautiful. Is she giving birth or dying?

TV: Currently loving Nashville (more so since they played my favourite Patty Griffin song!), am supremely disappointed The Boss was cancelled, and am desperately sad I am so far behind my sister in Bold and the Beautiful (I am in Ireland and she is in Australia), that we cannot have any meaningful conversation about the trials and tribulations of LA’s fashionistas. I even resorted to acting out scenes for my poor husband who, for some inexplicable reason, refuses to watch with me. Of course, there is more than enough reality TV to keep me going. I know some (many? most? all?) people scoff at RTV, and admittedly most of is it is not only crap, but as far from reality as one can get, but for a crafter like me, shows that are dialogue-driven are fabulous because I don’t need to look at the screen! So The Real Housewives of American City De Jour will typically win out over a thriller where long silences and dramatic music mean that I need to see what’s going on. Don’t even get me started on subtitles!

Ah, Thermomix, how we love thee!
Ah, Thermomix, how we love thee!

Thermomix: Honestly, how did I live without it? It’s a second set of hands in the kitchen, makes the best hollandaise sauce in four minutes and mixes a sorbet or frozen margarita in seconds. It’s pricey, but if you’re just starting out, this one machine will replace a lot of smaller appliances (food processor, blender, rice cooker etc), so not only is worth the money but will save a lot of space in your kitchen.

View: It’s a toss-up between looking straight down the mouth of the Maroochy River out to the Pacific Ocean from my apartment, and watching the dawn break over Mt Everest. I can never answer those personality tests that make you choose between mountains and the ocean – I love them both.

Sound: The sound of my toddler giggling and the sound of smashing glass – but NEVER at the same time! I also love the soft, sweet tweetings of the birds here in Europe; so much more delicate and tuneful than Australia’s (admittedly beautiful) squawkers.

Hey look, Tara, I found a chocolate salmon!
Hey look, Tara, I found a chocolate salmon! CT

Food:  Here are some of my favourite foods:

Freshly smoked salmon (the best one ever came from the homemade smoker at my friend Torsten’s place in Germany… but the maple glazed smoked salmon I had in Washington State was a very close second), goats cheese (keep an eye out for my blog on my favourite cheeses), chocolate (cheap/expensive/mass produced/artisan – I’m really not fussy), lime milk (how can you not?), quinoa (pronounced keen-wah if you’re not familiar with this fabulous little South American grain) and salmon (not just smoked, I love, love, love salmon).

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