Champagne Moments Christmas Part 3: The Gift of Indulgence

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about giving yourself a special little pressie this Christmas. Something fabulous, just for you. Because you deserve it. And because we reckon you should just go ahead and think about yourself for a damn change.

Our first gift idea was the Gift of Free Time and we all know how much we wanna bit o’ that!

Our second was the Gift of Giving, because there are kids in Australia that really need our help, especially at this time of year.

Well this week is about something RE-AL, a glittery bit of yumminess for you to wrap your mits around.

Grills, anyone? Image:
Diamond grill, anyone? Image courtesy of Rihanna/Instagram via TheHype

And, drumroll….. here we go with the third of our self-gift ideas.

#3 The Gift of Indulgence

This year I am giving myself a bigarse present for Christmas. I’m doing a special VIP course run by the awesome Samantha Lyttle. Her remit is to empower women to “life a life of influence and impact so they can create greater financial abundance”. Yes please. That’s where I’m at friends. I’m sure I’ll be talking more to you about this in the new year.

But my gift to myself is a big and indulgent one because I truly think I deserve it. It’s been a massive year for me working three days a week in a digital agency, writing for Champagne Cartel, doing freelance work as a makeup artist and looking after my three boys (18 months, 5 and 43). I’ve also taken up a routine of consistent exercise (minimum the days a week) and dropped a dress size. I’ve done okay really. CLAPCLAP.

And a special and heartfelt thanks to Champagne Husband Wazza for being a Hugely Supportive Person and doing the dishes more times than any person ever should in a year, to enable all this to happen.


Right now I want you to stop what you’re doing and take a five minute pause. I encourage you to think about your achievements this year. I’m sure you’ve done some amazing stuff. Why NOT give yourself a little special something to indulge.

Think about what you really like and then what you can afford.

Maybe a trip to the hair salon or a beauty treatment? Maybe something to wear?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.49.11 pm

Perhaps these stunning earrings made by the very talented Susan Driver*.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.47.00 pm

Or a fabulous flattering summer frock designed by another very clever, creative friend of mine, Sacha Drake*.

Magnetic Island Inner Earth 2 with White Tara by Catherine Parker.
Magnetic Island Inner Earth 2 with White Tara by Catherine Parker.

Or some original art, if you are in Brisbane, check out the Christmas Collectibles IV works at Spiro Grace Art Rooms*.

Or how about a great lipstick. Or maybe some music. Whatever gets you going.

This time of year there’s a plethora of amazing stuff out there in retail-ville if shopping is your thang. But searching around with the hordes of scaries out there can be a complete pain the ringhole. There’s a selection of great lists that curate nice things in order to help make your shopping journey a little easier. Generally these are targeted at helping you to shop for others. But I say buy YOURSELF something. Uh HUH girlfriend, you deserve it.

If you need some more inspiration, here’s some of my favourite lists going around at the moment. You’re sure to find something a bit spesh here:

 * Please note these are not sponsored. These are businesses of girlfriends of mine but regardless I covet every beautiful piece that emerges from their creative minds/studios/galleries. 


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Gillian is a marketing savant and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience in above and below the line marketing, digital strategy and creative direction. She is an exceptional people person who loves to collaborate with clients every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome. Gillian is also a successful makeup-artist and make-up obsessive who loves to share her tricks of the trade and help women to look good and feel great.


  • Thanks Cartel style mavens. Have always been looking for that perfect little black dress (in fact I wrote a whole book about it!). Went to the Sacha Drake site and drooled over the frocks. The ‘Iris’ beckoned, but I just didn’t trust my size guestimate. Looked up stores in Melbourne and found one just around the corner in Fairfield. Jackie from I.L.I. had both. Bought the Iris and love it…ready for cocktails! Again thanks, Xmas party problem solved. X

  • Oh well done you. What a year! I pre-gifted myself three days in Sydney visiting friends and eating all the food and the best wine. This technically also falls into the gift of free time category. Luxury is important and is particularly cherished when it is rare 🙂

    • Well done YOU! That sounds amazing! Loved the pic on IG with the bottle of VC. Mmmmm. Nothing like champagne, it’s good for the soul. I love a bit of luxury in my life and I agree that the rarity factor does make you savour it somewhat. xx

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