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jenni sellan

If you’re a regular reader of Champagne Cartel, you’ve probably seen Jenni around here before. She gave us some fabulous tips on summer staples for your wardrobe and 5 easy ways to summertime glam.

Gillian and I met Jenni by chance at Fashion Week earlier this year, and it was love at first champagne. We chatted, we bonded, and we have been in mutual ladylove ever since. Take it away, Jenni…

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What do you wish you had more of in your life?

Definitely more space in my wardrobe! And as cliche as it might seem, more time to do what I love and more time to spend time with the people I love.


What do you wish you had less of?



What’s your favourite ‘me time’ activity?

That’s easy: Pulling up a sun-lounge, grabbing a few of my favourite magazines or a good book, and basking in the sunshine….Easy to please!


What’s the best gift you’ve given yourself recently?

Giving myself the permission to drop the shoulds from my life and reminding myself that when it comes to my business, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”….and there was this little jumpsuit from Zimmerman.

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What’s your favourite song to belt out in the shower?

I actually don’t sing in the shower, however I have been known to belt out a tune with large amounts of enthusiasm in the car to whatever is playing – I’m one of those embarrassing people who gets lost in the moment and forgets where she is and who is watching.


You have a night off from the kids and unlimited funds: what do you do?

Best friends, fancy dresses, fabulous food and a favourite bottle of champagne. Did I mention I am flying people in for the event?


What’s the secret to striking a balance among your life’s competing priorities?

I’m not sure that I have struck the balance – my almost 9 year old is constantly giving me little lists and reminder notes! This is definitely a work in progress for me, however I believe that the key is in knowing what you will and won’t say yes to and letting your “no be no”. I also think it’s being okay with the fact that sometimes things don’t get done exactly when or how you would ideally like, according to your original schedule or structure – it’s being okay with that and understanding that sometimes you just have a greater “why” that has to take priority. Structure is important and so is flexibility.


Do you have a favourite memory involving champagne?

Lets just say it involves New York, one of my besties, and an accidental encounter with a high rise window cleaner…. I am sworn to secrecy. #newyorkmoments


141202 jen sellan heroKnown to have happily sacrificed a meal (or three) as a means of keeping herself up to date with Vogue for inspiration, “education” and the odd (OK.. frequent) escape into fashion fantasy, Jenni’s love affair with all things chic has long been her obsession.

In 2012 after several years of playing in the corporate world, Jenni successfully completed her diploma in professional styling and realised the dream of establishing her own business shortly after. 

On the most ideal of days, you will find Jenni writing about fashion as the Brisbane contributor for, styling a photo shoot, working with individual clients and spending countless hours devouring fashion magazines, and in between all the frivolity that is fashion, playing Mum to her two adorable babes, Ava and Xander and hanging with hubby Byron.

Jenni’s style “mantra” is ‘Nothing less than chic’ and it’s all about realising a sense of style in your everyday. Maybe it’s swanning around the house in a Kaftan on a lazy Sunday afternoon when home ‘alone’, or choosing to drink your water from a wine glass, just because you can.

You can follow Jenni on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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