Champagne Review: Bare Blossom mineral foundation

As part of our Champagne Days competition we recently gave away a Bare Blossom Mineral Foundation Powder and Vegan Kabuki Brush set.

As the Cartel resident makeup loverrrrrr, I took it upon myself to road test the product to see what it is all about. I know, tough life!

I’ve never been uber-keen on mineral makeup. I can’t get my head around putting powder on my face. I generally prefer a more youthful, juicy look. (URGH that sounds gross doesn’t it?!)

Anyway, I was interested to see how this stuff would go.

If you’ve never used mineral make up before, Bare Blossom have a lovely little video on their website which shows you exactly how to get it on your face.

They have developed a four part method where you TAP the product from the main container into the lid, SWIRL it around with a brush, APPLY to your face and BLEND.

Pretty straightforward. I’m especially happy with the blending bit. It’s my makeup mantra, blend, blend, blend grrrrls! Love that shizzle.

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So I tried it both wet and dry, and I was pleasantly surprised. The foundation – I used Light Ivory and it was perfect for my very average Caucasian skin – does have a slight sheen to it which I really like and it’s not all all cakey. It is very easy to apply and has a nice coverage and finish. I prefer using the wet method, but the dry method works fine. If you have slightly oily skin I think using the dry method would be the go.

The Bare Blossom range is credentialed up to the ying-yang. It’s alleged to be one of the safest on the market and is Australian made, vegan, not tested on animals, gluten free, safe for use during pregnancy, low toxin, chemical free, etc. etc. and has the certifications to show for it.

Their spiel goes like this:

 Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Bare Blossom CEO and founder Adriana Woolf received doctors’ orders to avoid contact with toxins and chemicals (found in some makeup and skincare products) because they could penetrate her skin and potentially harm her organs.

After investigating makeup and skincare on the market, Adriana was unable to find a complete product range truly low toxin and chemical-free. So, she combined her passion for beauty and entrepreneurial spirit to design her own line – Bare Blossom.

I must say, although I don’t have sensitive skin and have not been overly fussed about the provenance of the makeup I use, I was pretty impressed with how the Bare Blossom foundation smells and feels. The touch and finish is soft and gentle and the brush is lovely. (Oh and no hairs fell out. Unlike my Mac powder brush which has left big black hairs on my face from the day it came home with me. Hot look! So rooted.)

I’m bang up for the Bare Blossom Mineral Foundation Powder and I would absolutely give other products in the range a go. Oh AND one feels quite righteous using a product that is good for me and good for the planet. Right?

Overall I’d rate this product four out of five champagnes with the ladies on a hot summers day.

Are you a mineral make up fan? Would you give this a go?

* This is not a sponsored post. Bare Blossom did give us some of their make up to try, we were curious and we dug it. We thought you might like to know about it too.
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