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If you’ve never heard of Mirenesse, you need to get on over to their website and check them out. An online Australian company that is all about top quality cruelty-free products, their stuff isn’t cheap but it’s A-grade and lasts for ages.

The Power Lift Super Line Peel is my favourite of all of their products. They say it helps to smooth thick rough skin (ewwwww!) and refine deep wrinkles and improve skin tone and hydration. I have pretty dry skin, so there is a lot of work to do in that department. Gawd, imaging what a hag I’d be if I wasn’t using this stuff!

mirenesse power lift
You too could be this excited to have a renewed, glowing complexion.

The day after I started using this magical gel, I had lunch with my mother, and she asked me what I’d been doing because I looked fresh, well-rested and glowing. I have three kids – nobody ever says that to me.

That was a couple of years ago and I have been hooked on this stuff ever since. Sometimes I forget I have it for a few months, and then I bring it out again and use it weekly. I can always see the difference straight away.

I slather a tiny bit of this stuff onto my face before I go to bed, and then give my face a quick scrub with a supermarket scrub (St Ives Apricot Scrub is my current favourite) in the morning. Results are immediate and pretty effing great, I have to say.

A 60 gram tube retails at $69.50 but Mirenesse also have minis and testers available for purchase at a much lower price. Buy the Power Lift Super Line Peel here. (While you’re there, check out the customer reviews – if you don’t believe me, there are many more who agree!)

Have you tried Mirenesse products? Or do you have a favourite product that keeps your skin glowy and fresh?

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