Champagne road tripping: the playlist

Champagne road tripping playlist - Champagne Cartel

If you’re not a blogger, you probably won’t care that there’s a little thing called Problogger on this week. But for us, it’s a bit of a big deal. Partly because we get to go and soak up a whole lot of knowledge from some seriously successful bloggy types, which is amazing in itself – and partly because going away for work is like a Mum-holiday. There will be some great mates to catch up with, some champagne to be imbibed, and some new friends to make (in that order).

Gillian and I are road tripping from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast together. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a kid-free road trip (and kid road trips are shitful, let’s be honest), so I’m prepping excitedly.

First is the food. Road trip food is not like any other food. All rules are out and all bets are off. I guarantee, Gill will turn up with some sort of date-based energy balls, and I applaud her commitment, but I’ll be buying my snacks from the petrol station. We’re talking the trifecta of items that are not allowed in my house: Twisties, lolly snakes, and Coke Zero.

Don’t be judging.

And road trip music cannot be left to the mercy of the radio gods, so I’ve created a road trip playlist on Spotify.

Come on over and follow the list if you dig it, and we can pretend we’re all driving together on a gigantic kid-free party bus.


What’s your road trip snack of choice? And what should I add to my Spotify list?

PS If you dig these tunes, you might like our 8 hour running playlist too.

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