Champagne Women: Rachel Wernicke from Redcliffe Style

rachel wernicke

We have long been admirers of Rachel Wernicke’s fresh and fun style. The fashion tutorials on her blog Redcliffe Style have helped thousands of us around the country to grow our fashion confidence and learn to play around with our looks. Recently we got to meet Rachel at Nikki Parkinson’s book launch in Brisbane and we had a fantabulous time. Being the busy mum and fashionista she is, I couldn’t resist asking Rachel to lay down some working mum wisdom for y’all here today. Here is what she had to say.

What do you wish you had more of in your life?

Laughter. It makes everything better.

What do you wish you had less of? 

Laundry. It’s never ending. I think my girls must wear three layers of clothing at the same time. It’s the only explanation

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What’s your favourite ‘me time’ activity?

Quietly snuggled on the lounge with a good book and a great wine.

What’s the best gift you’ve given yourself recently? 

An Image facial at my favourite Day Spa. Freakin’ amazing! I wish I bought more gifts for myself 🙂

140903 Rachel Warnicke black dress

What’s your favourite song to belt out in the shower?

At the moment it’s “Ugly Heart” but that will change in a few days

You have a night off from the kids and unlimited funds: what do you do?

New dress & strutting heels, Limo, Vegetarian Degustation dinner with matching wines at some amazing restaurant. My husband can come too, if he compliments me all night and surprises me with something sparkly to wear.

Do you have a favourite memory involving champagne?

Last night. I don’t have a very good memory, so I’ll just take the most recent one. It involved hanging with family and dancing around a lounge room.


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In October 2011, Rachel Wernicke started Redcliffe Style as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoys. is a light-hearted blog about finding style in the suburbs, or at least in Redcliffe, Queensland. Rachel also writes about beauty, life, reviews with a few blogging tips thrown in. You can find Rachel at  WebsiteInstagramTwitterfacebook.

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