Spring Wardrobe Essentials: The White Wide Legged Trouser

Get the look and how to wear, the white wide-legged trouser
Images courtesy of (from left http://stylecab.com/stylescoop/how-to-wear-pants/media/new_york_fashion_week_street_style/, http://stylecab.com/stylescoop/how-to-wear-pants/media/street-style-wide-leg-pants-with-lace-top/, http://www.songofstyle.com/2013/10/wide-leg-pants-union-square.html

Yes. It’s a thing. They are white. They’re wide-legged. And they are not just for sailors.

White wide-legged trousers are back as a staple of 2014’s spring wardrobe essentials!

Many of you are probably groaning right now. “No no no” you say, “WHITE PANTS?!?! URGH sooooo unflattering. They make my butt look massive. Vile bloody things.”

Well I’m here to say they are actually very flattering on most sizes and shapes. The flared trouser leg balances out any big-hip action you might be worried about.

Of course if you are six foot tall and tanned and have pins to the heavens, then you probably look like Elle McPherson, and you clearly have nothing to worry about in that department. But if you look like a normal person, there’s some key ways to wear them that will have you feeling all chic and ready to step out on the streets of Paris. And get your awesomeness photographed by The Sartorialist. Seriously where do all his subjects people come from? There must be some kind of swarm of immaculate, gorgeous, camera-ready people living in style-nests around the Rue Di Rivoli.

(Oh and yes I’m hearing your brain ticking over. You’re thinking “no-way jose”, I’m so short. But bear in mind that the woman in the left of our hero image is apparently 5 foot! So us short-asses CAN wear them too. And still look awesome. Put some heels on though.)

Some great white wide-legged trousers in store now

1. Witchery http://www.witchery.com.au/shop/woman/clothing/pants/super-slouch-pant-60168088 2. Veronika Maine https://www.veronikamaine.com.au/Products/Smooth-Twill-Wide-Leg-Pant-V20010-S14 3. Camilla and Marc http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/pursuit-pant
1. Witchery Super Slouch Pant 2. Veronika Maine Smooth Twill Wide Legged Pant  3. Camilla and Marc Pursuit Pant 

If you want to get with the whole crazy, white wide-legged trouser thang (and not look like a stinking sailor), then here’s a few simple ideas to get you started:

  • make sure they fit very well and are quality fabric and cut.
  • the most flattering way to wear is with a slim fitting tee or tank and very high heels, platforms are all the rage right now.
  • you’re best sticking to simple colours, go with black or white and tuck the top in to give you some great shape and make your legs look long. Don’t worry if the whites are not the same exact shade of white. This would have massively alarmed me a few years ago but it’s apparently ok now. Phew.
  • if you’re not sure about tucked in business, try layering with a jacket. A black skinny tank with a short black jacket is a good idea.
  • for those who love colour, I would stick to really clean, pure brights. Hot pink, coral, red, navy blue, emerald green, daffodil yellow.
  • if you ever have the opportunity to buy a full outfit with a white suit jacket, please do it. You’ll get use out of them as separates AND as an outfit forever.
  • this is a very classic look, so think about your hair and makeup. Lean on the side of chic glamour and just imagine you are all  “so Frenchy, so chic” when you’re putting the ensemble together.


How to wear your white wide-legged pants – casual

1. Witchery V Neck Swing Tee  2. Free People Stripe Boyfriend Shirt  3. Witchery Plain Trilby 4. Zomp Baia Vista in Antelope Suede  5. Sussan Metallic Tee 6. Country Road Harriet Sandal  7. Susan Driver Classic Starry Night Ring 

How to wear your white wide-legged pants – party

Oops, apparently naughty number one is off having a tequila somewhere! 2. Myer Lipsy Lace Top  3. Camilla and Marc Down Sight Bustier  4. One Teaspoon Leopard Tank  5.Witchery Reptile Embossed Cuff  6. Bardot Mesh Striped Tee  7. Tony Bianco Allie Heels  8. Nine West Vancouver Pumps


How to wear your white wide-legged pants – work

1. TopShop Cross Over Back Shell Top 2. Sacha Drake French Cuff Shirt  3. Free People Cotton Boyfriend Shirt 4. Target City Dressing Zip Back Blouse 5. Nine West Cherlin Pumps   5. Zomp Jeffrey Campbell Tan Platforms  6. Chelsea Deluca Silver Screen Brooch Jet

Alright now Isabelle, you gorgeous thing. Off you go!


So what do you think of the white wide-legged pant? Freaken hideous or Glammy McGlammyson? Would you wear them? And are you scared of stains?

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