Dear Jezabel Jones: I’m regretting my open relationship

Dear Jezebel  Jones,

My boyfriend wanted to have multiple partners and so we have an open relationship. We have rules around no visitors and no sleep overs, but I can’t cope with the jealousy. I don’t want our relationship to end, but I also don’t want him to be sleeping around.

Open and out.

From my observations, it does seem to be something of the utopian dream. The excitement of polygamy can begin well for all involved, the thrill of someone new, of sharing the experience with your love. I am sure it does happen, but I have not seen it sustain a long-term relationship.

But darling, this is a decision you made together, and one that you need to discuss together to resolve. You need to think about why you supported this in the first place. What were you hoping for? What did you want that you weren’t finding between your own sheets, and what was it for him? As with everything, looking to the seed that was sown, is where you will find the answer in how to tame the crop. Just because opening the relationship hasn’t worked for you, doesn’t mean that closing it will either.

Darling, I’ll be frank, if it was only because you were worried you would lose him that you agreed to an open-relationship then perhaps you should be prepared to cut your losses and move on cheap tadalafil.  Perhaps you thought he would taste the banquet of flesh and realise that what he had at home was best. Perhaps he has, but if you don’t have that conversation, you will never know, and most likely become bitter and twisted, tainting your own flavour. So talk to him. Yes, you might lose him, but you might also find he is likewise ready to keep it at home. Or, you might find he actually isn’t all that you want. Or, you might both find a new way to indulge in your desires without the beast of jealously rearing her ugly head.

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