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Need a simple way to boost your immunity? We've got the answer - and it's quick and easy.

Every autumn my whole family gets sick. A lot. We get colds and flu and gastro and just about everything that is going around. It’s fucking miserable. I don’t know what it is about us that makes us so vulnerable but Miss 10 and I cop it the worst and we are the only nail biters in the family. Hmmm. It’s probably a coincidence. Shut up.

Husby has made it his mission in life to ensure everybody in our house washes their hands thoroughly with soap and water before every meal, after every bathroom visit, and during any dirty thoughts. He is a man obsessed.

I haven’t figured out a way of totally preventing that side of things yet. But I will.

(Incidentally, I read about someone drinking hot water with lemon and raw honey every morning for a year, and they said they didn’t get sick once in that entire year. I’ve been doing it for six weeks and have had two bouts of gastro and the worst case of tonsillitis I’ve had since I was a kid. Boo to that! Gillian also wrote a great post about natural ways to boost your immunity  and coming back from crap last winter – I’ll be giving that a go, but first I need more immediate assistance.)

An easy immunity boost

But there is hope. About five years ago, I took myself off to a pharmacy and whinged to a very patient dude in a white coat who looked a bit like Alf from Home and Away that I was sick of being sick. The solution he offered me was Ki Immune Defence and Energy tablets.

Need a simple way to boost your immunity? Ki tablets are our go-to for when we're tired and run down.

They contain astragalus, shiitake and olive leaf, and Alf told me they are the bomb-diggity when it comes to strengthening your protection against viral infections, boosting immunity and increasing your energy while you recover from illness.

I desperately took two boxes and emptied my purse onto the counter. Lo and behold they worked. I didn’t even notice at first, but after a few weeks of unremarkable good health I realised it was time for a cautious little party.

I usually forget Ki tablets exist until I get sick for the second or third time in a row (I’m a slow learner). And then the clouds part and I hear a choir of angels singing, “Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

And so I’m back on these magic little pills for probably the 10th time in five years. And I’m super confident they will have me back in sturdy and glorious health in no time. If you tend to get sick at this time of year, I suggest you give them a go.

Do you always get sick at this time of year? It’s not just me, is it?


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