Frankie4 & Champagne Cartel after dark (closed)

Okay, so earlier this week we shared a day in the life of Champagne Cartel, and we told you we have a pair of Frankie4 shoes to give away to a lucky Champagne Cartel reader.

Well, we’re back, and this time we’re sharing what goes on with Champagne Cartel…AFTER DARK. And there is still time to enter our competition – read on…

*Spoiler alert: we are way too old for tabletop dancing or doing shots out of backpacker’s navels.*

We do, however, like to sit around in our super stylish and comfy Frankie4 shoes – with drink in hand, of course.


Gillian wears: FRANKiE4 ‘Belinda’ (in Black) $239.95

And once the kids are in bed, we can can do whatever we want, all night long…



Carolyn wears: FRANKiE4 ‘Belinda’ (in Tan) $239.95

Unfortunately, Gillian lacks Carolyn’s staying power, so we’re kicking on in front of the TV. But hey, our Frankie4s are so super comfy, we haven’t even thought to take them off.

And, of course, our modelling efforts wouldn’t be the same without some outtakes. Bless us, we really do try…




The competition



Okay, so want to win your very own pair of Frankie4 shoes? Great! There are still a few days left before our comp closes on Monday. Check out Frankie4’s awesome range, and then tell us in the comments below what style of Frankie4 shoes you would choose as your prize and what you’d wear them with this Christmas. We’ll choose our favourite entry and they will win a pair of their own. Want it to be you? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

The fine print

This is a game of skill. All entries will be judged on their creativity by us.

Please make sure you include your email address when filling in the commenting system, so that you are eligible to enter and I can contact you.

This prize is not able to be exchanged for cash.

The giveaway is open to Australian residents over 18 years of age. It commences on Wednesday 16 December 2015 and closes on Monday 21 December 2015. The winner will be decided on Tuesday 22 December 2015 and then contacted via email. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours to our email, another winner will be chosen. By entering this competition, entrants accept that I will email the winner with the email provided and publish their name on this blog post.

Good luck!

Written By

Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • The Belinda….and Id wear nothing with them, as the shoes would do all the talking! Oh, ok, not really, they’d go perfectly with my chosen Christmas dress, which at this stage does not have a matching shoe. I NEED these shoes to avert a Christmas Day crisis!

  • It would be s fabulously Merry Christmas for me in a pair of PeNNi (in Tan)… It would probably end up being me and my Penni’s in the kitchen doing the dishes with a wine or bottle you know…. But hell thats pretty Merry… I might even drop a few dance moves in..

  • I’m a flat footed shoe fiend who overestimates my ability to pull off awesome shoes for extended periods. This it a double negative to say that the Frankie4 shoes look both hot and comfy? I would love to join your cool crew with a pair of black Penni’s that could take me anywhere on a working day…. And stop me carrying a pair of spares in my bag!

  • Those Penni in tan are Devine! I seriously do not own a pair of high heels when saying that out loud is rather sad! Being a tall lass I’m all about the flats but as I get older I think who cares if I tower over my Husband if I love the shoe! I’m heading to Sydney this year for Christmas so I think I could rock these with a summer frock or rock them with shorts! They could do me the whole time really as could dress them up or down! Merry Christmas team and loved the couch photos! I laughed out loud when I scrolled to that part of the post!

  • I would love the Margie Sandal for Xmas day – the perfect shoe to wear with a long flowing summer dress and then after a quick swim as it is going to be a hot one – I could wear my Margie Sandals with a skiirt and top – off to round two of Xmas Celebrations, obviously with champagne in hand. ????????

  • A Podiatrist and a Physio,
    How did you make these look so coolio?
    I’ve been taking a monthly trip down the strip
    to visit my old podiatrist.
    He’s say’s I’m messed up, been like this for years
    could be why I’ve had load of back pain and tears.
    One leg should be longer or the other one shorter
    My right hip feels like I’ve been hit with mortar.
    If I had better shoes that would be just the start
    of making me feel young, and not an old fart.
    Walnut’s my colour and Margie’s my style,
    imagine if I could look good and walk a mile. Rocking the Christmas tree in my new Frankie4’s and wearing my leopard print pants, cause we all know I can dance!
    Pain free at last, my husband would gasp.
    And I’d just keeping dancing, boom – boom – shaking my ass.

  • Has to be Penni in black.. After injuring my ankle running, I can only wear wedges and Penni is absolutely gorgeous!! I would have to wear them with my cute little onsie on Xmas Day with all the family..

  • I’d toast Christmas with my Belinda’s in black, wearing a flow, colourful kaftan to allow for a food baby and the odd accidental splash of red wine…. Belinda’s look perfect they’d give me a bit of height but be easy to walk in…

  • I tried to think of something funny and witty that you just couldn’t go past but its a Saturday morning I’ve just come back from bootcamp and the oxygen hasn’t started flowing back to my brain yet. But what I can get out is my feet are sick of being sore. I went out recently in a pair of killer heels – now I was loving myself in them but after 5 hrs I actually couldn’t walk. I went home – I did ask hubby to carry me but he declined (very disappointing). And the scary outcome was that I actually ended up with numb toes for 2 weeks – eek I know fashion is pain but that is taking it to a whole other unwanted level. So a pair of Penni’s in tan would mean that not only would I be loving myself in them but I could avoid permanent damage to my feet. Now I think that is what you classify as a win win situation.

  • Ladies, unless my eyes doth deceive me you are wearing the Belinda wedge, not the Penni. I’m hoping that was part of the game, or that at least a few champagnes before writing the blog post was involved! And as style icons how could I choose anything else ? I’d go with the Belinda in tan to kick up my boho/70’s style game and pair them with my black maxi for a comfortable but stylish Christmas outfit.

  • Definitely Penni in Tan, they are absolutely gorgeous! I would wear them with pretty much anything, I had to retire my tan sandals this summer as I had worn them to death =(

    ps. Fantastic photos!

  • Belinda in black would be a match made in heaven for the Metalicus Hydra drape dress am hoping I will unwrap Christmas morn. Belinda will also rock the other Festivus staple, my “I’m not a housewife, I’m a horn bag” apron, to protect aforementioned frock. Cause even if it’s once a year, the husband, offspring and extended family need to be reminded of that fact. If only Belinda came in pewter too…

  • Belindas’s in black for moi,I’ve had a knee replacement and just recently a. Spinal fusion of my neck so comfort is the go for me,but I still want to look stylish of course?

  • I have a tie…a tie I sometimes wear for my husband…(think Pretty Woman movie). Wearing Penni and “the tie” would rock his socks (or jocks) off I’m sure! Cheers to another glass of bubbles!! ?

  • I love dancing and prancing so the “PENNi” in tan would be a delight, as I don’t need much height.

    I want to be grinner so please can I be the winner? C xxxxx

  • I’d love to find the fabulous MONiCA under my tree.

    My new Christmas frock is a citrus yellow fit and flare. Ridiculously cute but ridiculously difficult to find shoes to match.

    When in doubt, go neutral – but that doesn’t have to mean boring! The MONiCA is anything but!

  • As a super busy mama who works full time, I’d given up the thought of wearing heels ever again- it’s all about comfort and ease for me now! But I’ve heard such amazing reviews about the comfort of Frankie 4 shoes, I’d absolutely love love love to give the Belinda’s a go!

  • LOL! hi guys!
    thanks for the chance to win a pair of shoes!
    i’m loving lauren! … a bit schmick for this old boiler!
    I have noticed frankie 4’s around the traps
    now all I have to do is rap
    out a bit of a dance move
    and i’ll be in the groove
    doesn’t matter about the age
    or what stage
    i’ll have a go!
    we all know
    girl power rocks!
    love m:)X

  • Oh BELiNDA you beautiful babe of a shoe,
    I think I’m falling in love with you.
    My Christmas outfit would not be complete,
    without you adorning my tired old feet.
    Pray that Santa’s elves hear my call,
    And make me the fairest winner of all
    I’d team you with linen, boho and lace,
    to ensure my outfit wins first place
    Swanning around champagne in hand,
    In BELiNDA’s Christmas will be grand!

  • A pair of Margies in walnut and black would make my Christmas. I’m hosting Christmas lunch this year (at 8 months pregnant, eep!) and a pair of comfortable, fashionable, shoes on my feet will help me sail through that big task. And, I’ll look forward to wearing them to celebrate the baby’s birth with a glass of champagne of my own come late January. Happy holidays, all.

  • The Belinda in Tan. A classic to go with some royal blue and white shorts (is it wrong to wear shorts on Christmas), a light summery top, accessories with a glass of champagne & a smile ?

  • OMG I neeeeeeed Belinda in my life. In black! I’m sitting at a bar. Wearing a black leather skirt and a black tank top. And my floaty lepoard kimono. And the hugest statement necklace I’ve got. Belinda would fit perfectly into this picture. Oh and in my hand is a glass of champagne. Of course! And the absolute icing of this outfit cake is you two sitting next to me at that bar. Merry Christmas you two! I love this post! It’s soooo awesome .. xx

  • The PENNi for me in tan paired with crisp white linen pants (with an elastic waist, because, Christmas lunch!) and a bright red top – I have a sleeveless one with a nice ruffle around the neckline. Perfect airy comfortable pairing. Merry Christmas ladies!

  • I’m all about the Liz- she had me at oily new Buck. Who doesn’t want that on their footsies…I imagine pairing her with bare legs & a floaty shift in summer (so boho, I just wake up like this vibe) and some skinnies and a sharp blazer in winter (yes, effortless chic, I see you). I’m feeling all Kate Moss minus the super model part and white powder…unless you count flour or baby botts- then I’m also sprinkled in a fine dusting.

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