Frankie4 – A day in the life of Champagne Cartel (closed)

We’ve been mad, raving fans of Frankie4 shoes for a long time now. We love that they’re designed by a podiatrist who really knows how to love your feet – AND they look fantastic. The good news is: we are going to give a pair away to one lucky reader, just in time for Christmas. Remember when you were a kid and some aunt would give you clothes or shoes for Christmas, and you’d groan because getting stuff to wear for Christmas SUCKS.

What a doofus we all were. An awesome pair of stylish and comfortable shoes that will last you for ages is the best present there is!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

More on how you can win your very own pair of Frankie4 shoes in just a minute!

But first, we reckoned you could go all day and night in Frankie4s and feel absolutely no pain, so we decided to test them out.

First, we gallivanted with our rambunctious children in our Frankie4s.


Oh yeah, sure, that looks like effortless fun, but getting those spontaneous kiddie fun shots is hard work. First, we had to wade through a whole bunch of terrible shots of Carolyn…


Carolyn wears: FRANKiE4 ‘KAT’ Sandal (in Watermelon) $199.95

Frankie4 KAT sandal - Champagne Cartel


…And Gillian doesn’t escape either. She likes to wear her Frankie4s while dictating to the world from the comfort of her deck chair.



Gillian wears: FRANKiE4 ‘MARGIE’ Sandal (in Gold) $209.95

Frankie4 MARGIE sandal - Champagne Cartel

The good news is: our Frankie4 shoes lasted the distance of the day. We frolicked. We played. We made idiots of ourselves for the sake of a few good shots.

The competition


But the real winner here is you. Check out Frankie4’s awesome range, and then tell us in the comments below what style of Frankie4 shoes you would choose as your prize and what you’d wear them with this Christmas. We’ll choose our favourite entry and they will win a pair of their own. Want it to be you? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

And if you want to find out how our feet coped as we wore our Frankie4s into the night (and if we got any better at having our photos taken), check out our follow up on Friday, Frankie4: Return of the Sandal.

The fine print

This is a game of skill. All entries will be judged on their creativity by us.

Please make sure you include your email address when filling in the commenting system, so that you are eligible to enter and I can contact you.

This prize is not able to be exchanged for cash.

The giveaway is open to Australian residents over 18 years of age. It commences on Wednesday 16 December 2015 and closes on Monday 21 December 2015. The winner will be decided on Tuesday 22 December 2015 and then contacted via email. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours to our email, another winner will be chosen. By entering this competition, entrants accept that I will email the winner with the email provided and publish their name on this blog post.

Good luck!


Written By

Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • I’d love to rock a pair of the Margie sandal in gold – paired with my glittery green and gold skirt that I’ve got set aside for the big day (actually much more tasteful and less Go Australia than it sounds). We’re hvaing people at our place for lunch for the first time in years and I know I’ll be racing around all day. The havianas are just not going to cut it in either the style or comfort stakes.

  • I loooove the Penni shoes in tan: I’ve been ogling your feet in those shoes on Facebook. (Awkward?) I’d wear them with red toenail polish and my stretchy maxi dress … so that I look a little bit fancy but am secretly as comfy as though I’m wearing my nighty and slippers. 😉

  • I would choose Penni (tan) as they look comfy and so stylish. I have a pretty red dress and lots of purple beaded jewellery to wear for Christmas and they would be a perfect addition (not to mention cool to wear on a hot day)!

  • I would love a pair of Kat in watermelon! What a stylish pair of shoes! They would look amazing with so many of my outfits

  • Penni in black gets my vote, I could literally wear them with anything as they are such a classic. Let’s say my Electic blue ‘some like it hot’ dress that never gets out (as I am breastfeeding my fourth baby and don’t go places without playgrounds) because why the fuck shouldn’t I wear a cocktail frock whenever/whereever I want?

  • I have been ogling the Penni in black for ages so they would definatejy be my choice…they would go perfectly with my Katies Kaftan and my forces smile while I stuff the turkey and bake the ham in 100 degree heat! The things we do for love…and food ?

  • I would kill for a pair of Margie sandals in gold as I think they are gorgeous and would be perfect for my sisters wedding. I am going to be an usher and have to stand up a lot so I know they would be perfect and take me from the ceremony to reception. I love the Frankie4footwear concept as I am so much more about comfort and style these days.

  • I love the Margie sandals, though I spotted those gorgeous Camel boots too. I think the Margie sandals would look great with my new Christmas dress. I know it’s shameful to admit it but I hate shopping. ? Being overweight, it seems hard to find clothes that fit, are comfortable and look flattering, so I just stick with the basics. Last weekend my husband, daughter and I were going to see Sam Smith in concert (amazing!) and it turned out my daughter and I were wearing the same dress – I had bought her one for Christmas last year and because we live in different cities I figured it would never be an issue. So, I was forced to go shopping. I was amazed that I could actually find lots of dresses I loved and bought one. So, the Margie shoes would look fantastic with my pretty new dress.

  • I NEED the Margies in Gold to tinsel up my Christmas toes. My toes would be sparkling as would my smile as comfy toes = happy Serena!

  • I think Belinda and I could have a lot of fun together. She would be the tall to my short, the sexy to my mummy frumpy, she would elongate my newly shapely runners calves to which my flip flops sadly let lie unnoticed. She could come into my life with her blackness or teach me to live on the wild side all nudie rudie in Tan. I know I will love her hard.

  • Oooh I would love a pair of the black & tan Margie sandals that I would wear with a big fat smile on my face because I’d know that I wouldn’t have sore feet at the end of Christmas Day after running around after 3 kids, including a 1 year old who has an insane amount of energy without the added Christmas cheer! Oh & I may throw on some clothes too!

  • The Belinda in Tan would be my pick of the bunch – the perfect shoe to take with me on my honeymoon. I’m sure they would also love to come with me – I’d treat them to dinner at sexy New York hotspots, walks on the beach in Mexico, strolls through Main Street in Disney World Orlando and fun days out shopping in Dubai!!

  • I would wear the Kat in watermelon, paired with my new vintage style dress my mum is making me – using one of my grandma’s patterns from the 60’s! And a fabulous red lipstick of course

  • I would love a pair of the Kat in watermelon. My name is Kat and then I could make like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz

  • I’d choose the Penni black wedge sandal, & I’d wear them with every bloody thing I own! I own a lot of black in a vain attempt to look like a stylish cool mama, & a lot of colour too, to be the arty stylish mama, so depending if which personality I trot out on Christmas Day (thinking arty stylish mama with a market kaftan & loads of beads & wine), these babies would go with it all!

  • I’m all about comfort on Christmas day. Running after the kids, which if you are honest is like herding cats, transporting food and drinks between kitchen and table, and getting around to talk to everyone can be wearing on the feet. Especially when you have plantar faciitis. I want comfortable shoes that are still super cute, though! I’d pair up the Kat in black, because it’s classic, with my recent blue & black dress that I specifically bought to wear for Christmas Day. I’ll finish it off with some cute but chunky accessories, and I’ll look like a million bucks! And I’m sure that at the end of the day, I’ll still feel it, rather than my usual biting pain.

  • Ok here’s the plan! I need a vacation stat! I plan to rob a bank! I have a disguise beard , hat, glasses dark clothes, etc etc .I’m thinking comfortable shoes for the getaway!! Margie gold sandals are the go! Yes!! It’s on , comfort style, I’ll look great in the security footage ! Bahaha!!?

  • Margie shoes (black/tan) on my feet, reindeer antlers on my head, a super fun comfy new hm dress in between would be matched with a glass of sparkling shiraz in hand, while alternating between boules, board games and Xmas lunch! Perfect combo!

  • At first I wanted the Kat because, well, that’s my name and they are just gorgeous! But then I spotted the (Aunty) Margie in Gold and THEY are the ones I would wear with my new dress which I bought for Christmas. My dress has adjustable straps for ease of breastfeeding my newborn baby. So in summary I would pick the Margie in Gold. Also, I have an Aunty Margie.

  • Margie in gold, so so bling! Perfect with my alternate red and green toes (nails that is) and a white Esprit frock (circa 2007) I haven’t worn for ages. I’m not feeding 20 this year so I’m feeling pretty safe in white! Me, white, bling on my feet, xmas toes, not in the kitchen, sitting with cold bubbles. BRING. IT. ON.

  • I’m in love with Black and Tan at the moment. I’d wear the MARGiE in walnut/black with a black jumpsuit (I’m from Melbourne – don’t judge the colour choice too harshly!) and a tan belt.

    Until the kids smear food on the outfit. Then I’d wear the MARGiE with whatever I had that was cleanest. Possibly pyjamas.

  • I’d love a pair of them MARGIE in gold, every girl needs a little sparkle so she can rock around a Christmas tree and would be teaming then with a flowing red, white and gold maxi on Xmas

  • As you know, my mum won your first ever Frankie 4 competition. What was that? A year or so ago? She wears her boots ALL the time and still loves them. In fact, she’s actually bought another couple of pairs. Having sliced through a tendon in her foot when she was working in a bar in her twenties, her foot is now badly misshapen and she hobbles along. Her foot which wasn’t fixed in her twenties is now causing pain for her knee, hip and back. She doesn’t let it stop her though. She was shopping up a storm in the city yesterday in her Frankie 4s of course. I would love to get my hands, I mean feet, into a pair of my own. I’d choose the Margie Gold and I’d wear them with this little number which is on its way to me from Birdsnest –

  • I’m loving the Lauren black zebra design! I probably wear far too much basic black but the little pop of pattern makes all the difference. If I wore them on Christmas Day it would probably be with an on trend protective plastic bag wrapped around them since we’re having a family pool party with a million kids involved!

  • I am la la loving the Kat sandals in watermelon!! Perfect pop to go with my bellalido dress on Xmas day and so much more. But … I also have a mad crush on Belinda and Penni!! There I said it! Oh the choice, the decisions, what a delightful dilemma to have.

  • I have a wardrobe with a whole shelf of fancy stilettos that were all bought before I got pregnant the first time! Now with two small humans in tow and a “wider” foot as a result of making said humans, the pretty stilettos will remain in their boxes until some sort of foot shrinking medication or procedure is invented. (If you are aware of such a tonic I am all ears!) A pair of Belinda wedges in Tan is an alternative tonic (and less painful no doubt). They would jazz up my current wardrobe, which is rather underwhelming as I’m currently required to be able to whip out a boob at any time to feed my smallest human who is only just a month old. With all of this going on, and the constant reminder of my pretty heeled past staring down at me from the highest shelf in my wardrobe, I would love these shoes to make my footsies twinkle a bit more over the summer. x

  • I would love a pair of Kat in Black. It’s a natural fit don’t you think what with with me being Talking Frank(l)ie, and needing to walk the talk (SEE WHAT I DID THERE????). The black Kats would be perfect for wearing under LADDERS in my stockings just to prove that superstitions have no place at Christmas dinner! Failing all that being reason enough to make my day with a pair of Walking Frankies, I’d wear them to lunch with nothing but lashings of mascara to make sure nobody eats too much. It would be a public service really x

  • Ok now here’s the thing. I just moved last weekend & i have a suitcase full of shoes that i don’t wear because i live in my Frankie 4s. I would love to win a pair of black Penni because they would go with just about everything. Then i can chuck those bad boys out!

  • Hark the herald angels sing….there is hope for me to have hot momma feet yet! My feet clearly reflect my love of running. Lots of running. Calluses, black toenails and blisters. In addition, bunions, a legacy from my dear, sweet, much loved little grandma. However, I love my feet. They are reliable, strong, resilient, fast-ish, and allow me to get around and care for my family and friends. Every. Single. Day. I would love to reward these hard-working little soles with a stylish (yet good for them!) pair of MARGIE Walnut/Black sandles and a couple of coats of festive red nail polish. Smiles all around. Happy holidays y’all.

  • As a big fan of vibrant colours, my pick would have to be a pair of KAT Frankie4s in watermelon. I’ve now broken out into yet another rendition of “watermelon, watermelon, I love, you love, watermelon!” ??? I’m driving my kids and hubby pips…see what I did there?! I reckon I’d team these with my new guru pants from Boom Shankar ?

  • Loving your blog, funny ladies! I’d love to win a pair of PENNi in black to wear with everything so I’m comfortable, look fabulous and feel wonderful. I need to win a new pair as mr 6 month lab puppy loved my new Frankie sandals as much as I did and they’ve been “Frankie-fied, Frankie which is also our new puppies name” modified my tan PENNi and alas unfortunately restyled my Frankie4 with his puppy sharp teeth.

  • I would be needing pair of Margie in gold & I would be wearing them with either my gorgeous black maxi made from bamboo or with my fantastic new kaftan that I just bought. Either way I need to wear a pair of flats because I have been known to drink & get a bit rowdy. There is always one of the kids that falls asleep & needs to be carried around so definitely need to be wearing flats so I can be a bit steadier on my feet than a pair of heels makes me!

  • I’d love a pair of Margies in gold. I’d wear them with my leopard kaftan so that you could hear me ROAR and see me sparkle all at the same time!

  • Thinking beyond Christmas I would love a pair of tan Penni’s for my sister’s beach wedding this summer. I have a cute navy blue polka dot dress but I think the Penni’s have that perfect slightly dressy but still casual vibe that I’m after.

  • Princess “Margie Gold” wave your magic wand and plantar fasciitis pain be gone cos there is a day of cooking to be done and fun to be had with sixteen hungry people visiting on Christmas Day (for lunch and dinner!)

  • I would love a pair of Margie’s in gold. (I flog my Lauren’s in tan). I have a purchased a red Belilodo short dress with stand up collar. Gold Margie’s would be perfect. I am really hoping for rain for Christsmas, we are going to my Mothers property and it is so dry. Wishing to sit on the verandah and watch the rain.

  • I would love the Belinda in tan. I never wear heels but Frankie 4s are so comfortable I finally can and stop being the shortest person in my family. I would pair them with a floaty maxi dress to keep cool but look great for Christmas ?

  • I would love a pair of Black and Tan margies and I would pair them with my grey striped wrap dress from Susan. But more importantly I would have the happiest feet, legs and hips at the end of Christmas Day!!

  • I’m thinking black belinda’s for Xmas. I’m short but don’t do heels ( oh the pain !!). So really want to give some frankie’s a go. Right so then I’m thinking a black Broderie skirt. Either maxi or mid length (can’t do any shorter 🙁 Then a pretty peach top with Broderie short sleeves.
    A necklace, sunscreen and I’ll be good to go!!

  • I would adore a pair of the Margie sandals in Gold – I would pair them with a gorgeous ensemble from local designing doyenne Sacha Drake and a glass of GH Mumm!

  • Penni in black is making me weak at the knees, but from what I’ve heard will more then make up for it in the strength for my feet. My Bohemian Traders Moroccan Shift dress would be the perfect partner this Christmas x

  • When life gives you lemons you should either make margaritas or wear them on your skirt – like the stunningly amazing 1950s style ‘lemon fizz’ skirt I bought just last week. I’d love to wear it on Christmas Day with a gorgeous pair of black BELiNDAs.

  • I have a few choices floating around for my Christmas day outfit; however my Frankie4 selection is Kat in patent black. It’s neutral enough to go with whatever I decide to wear on the day; the low heel and orthotic support will let me stay comfortable on me feet all day; and let’s face it – shiny is a girl’s best friend!!

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