Friday Fizz: all the best stories you should be reading this week

Friday Fizz: all the best stories you should be reading this week

Every week we round up the stories that have us punching the air, having important conversations and/or giggling into our champagne. And bonus, you can share these stories at your mate’s place over the weekend and be the life of the party. WIN!


The Rock test: a hack for men who don’t want to be accused of sexual harrassment – this had us cry laughing – and super pissed that something like this even has to be written – but mostly cry laughing. Thanks Amanda Smyth for sharing this with us!

The only advent calendar you’ll need this Christmas – unless you want to get your kids one too. Yeah, this is definitely AO.

What our great mate Alison Hallworth knows about depression, for World Mental Health Day – wise and funny, we love this broad.

The jokes we missed that show Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein – these gags flew over our heads at the time, but now we really get them.

These imagined literary texts are hilarious – if classic novels were broken down into a series of text messages, so much misunderstanding could have been saved. Hamlet is my favourite. So funny!

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