Friday Fizz: all the great news you need this week

Friday Fizz: all the great news you need this week

This week has been an absolute shocker as far as bad news goes, but we’re sticking to the sunny side of the street, because we figure you’ve seen enough of all that already and who couldn’t do with some cheering up? So if you want something fun to talk about at your dinner parties this weekend, try these stories:

Alternatives to resting bitch face – because maybe we’re not a bitch, maybe you’re clearly struggling with my failure to conform to your stupid expectations

More alternatives to resting bitch face – because one list could never be enough, and maybe that face is because I can see you so clearly right now and it must be because of that glass house you are in

Woman hilariously trolls soccer mums after accidentally being included in a group text – it was a little bit mean, but oh my, how I lolled.

What happens when you eat like the queen – man, I’m going on this diet, stat!

“Dance for Abilities” night gives people with an intellectual disability a safe place to party – doesn’t EVERYONE deserve to let their hair down occasionally? This is rad.

Couple regularly pays the bill for unsuspecting diners – because the world needs more of that shit.

13 fucks you stop giving when you’re a grown woman – had us fist-pumping all the way through. Thanks Tracey Brook for sharing this one with us!


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