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Why can’t a smart woman love fashion? – After years of dressing down just so she didn’t appear frivolous and unintelligent, novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (pictured, above) wises up to a truth that her Nigerian mother has known all along. Can we be smart and look great at the same time. Hell yeah!

Lorde tweets about photo touch ups – There are heaps of reasons to love Lorde, not least that she is some common ground my nine year old and I can agree is pretty great to listen to (and a heavenly reprieve from Katy freaking Perry). And now she goes ahead and shows girls that it’s okay to not be perfect. More role models like her please.

140404 quotation marks

44 Ordinary Signs That Became Suspicious When People Failed At Using Quotation Marks – people shouldn’t be allowed to punctuate without a licence. Failing that, let’s all point and laugh at them.

If something smells fishy it probably is – The gorgeous Emily at Have a Laugh on Me has some hilarious April Fools Day jokes to show us. Not to mention her wonderful Operation Slow Down Mum, which I keep meaning to join in, as soon as  can remember to buy some post-it notes…

New parenting study released – A very funny piece from the New Yorker, no less. I’ll give you the first sentence and let you decide whether you want to read the rest: “A recent study has shown that if American parents read one more long-form think piece about parenting they will go fucking ape shit.”

The best talk show entrance. Ever. I meant to share this last week, so it’s slightly late, sorry, but I plum forgot. If you haven’t seen Kevin Bacon’s entrance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, do yourself a favour and have a look. Here’s a hint: it starts with Jimmy Fallon announcing that dancing has been outlawed. Oh no, what are we to do? Who can we turn to? I could watch this over and over again.


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