Friday fizz: hibiscus kombucha and gin

Hibiscus kombucha and gin

Hey you, how’s your week been? My cup overfloweth with brilliant web bits and bytes to share this week, but first, let’s pour ourselves a Hibiscus Kombucha and Gin.

We’re on a health kick this week, so let’s make it three. The more you drink, the healthier you get, right?

Recipe over at The Gin Queen (she also has loads of other great stuff if you’re into gin – stick around and have a look).

And now, here are our five favourite clicks of the week, for you to enjoy at your leisure over the break. I hope the bunny is good to you – have a great Easter!


Important questions tabloid editors have about women – Clementine Ford in all her awesomeness (and as someone with a size 9.5 foot, I am standing on my enormous hooves and applauding).

Worthless drinking jargon that needs to go – a hilarious look at the wankiness of booze snobs and lazy critics.

The Art of Motherfuckitude – Cheryl Strayed. Need I say more?

The yoga of my body hatred – if you view your body as a project to be worked on, you should read this.

Latte Love – an ode to the wonders of good coffee from Kimba Likes


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