Friday linkapalooza

Holy cow, it’s a linkapalooza this week! The Champagne chicks have been reading far and wide and have discovered some really fun things to share, as well as some more earnest, useful stuff for you serious types.

You decide what you feel like checking out – you know, because we’re not the boss of you (if we were you would have to check them all out and then write us a one-page report on what you liked and what you didn’t).

So lock yourself away in a cage if you have to (seriously, I have no idea what’s going on in this photo but I couldn’t resist it), but get clicking!

Healthy coconut rough – The gorgeous Kate at Quitting the Quick Fix has come up with some outstanding healthy sweet treats, including these coconut roughs made with dates. Check the right side of the page for a link to a fab looking paleo choc-nana mug cake. It was my intention – in the name of research, of course – to try these out for you this week and deliver my verdict, but alas have been sick so it will have to wait till the weekend.

The Good Girl Confessional – tales from behind the picket fence – all the inside gossip on finding yourself suddenly single and over 40. I’m not recommending a particular post here; just check out the blog and thank me later. Charlotte is whip smart and very, very funny. She’s like our own Carrie Bradshaw but more laconic and self aware.

Cake crumbs and beach sand – Is this the best-looking sandwich you’ve ever seen? Grilled egg, avocado and cheese sandwich with beetroot relish – comes close for me.

Four year old tap dancer steals the show – I am always hesitant to share cutsie-type videos, but this little girl made me laugh out loud in the library and many people stared. One person even shooshed me. So I must share.

Gourmande in the Kitchen – great guide to photographing your food. You know, if that’s what you like doing in your spare time. Champagne Gillian does, for all our pleasure. Check out her recent foodie shots in I love you, David Lebovitz and Stupid salads(spoiler alert: the salads aren’t stupid; they’re awesome).

Free yoga in the comfort of your own home – Yoga online for all levels. Hundreds of free streaming videos. You’re welcome.

Julia Gillard’s take on the US shutdown – The first of a series of columns our former PM is writing for the Guardian. Really interesting read and great analysis – as well as relating what it means to us all the way over here in Australia.

Famous art collectors – This week, Charles Saatchi auctioned a huge part of his expansive collection. A fascinating article on some famous collectors – including some you might not expect.

How to feel good in a swimsuit – The gorgeous Nikki Parkinson at Styling You has a fresh take on how to feel good while living it large poolside. And it has nothing to do with nipping, tucking or sucking anything in. Phew!

What did we miss this week? Have you seen anything awesome we need to check out?

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