Friday linkfest

Guess what? It’s Friday again! I know, how did that happen?

Time to round off the week with some of our favourite bits and pieces from the world wide web. Did you see something you thought was great? Please share it in the comments.

Why Gen Y yuppies are so unhappy – If you’re Gen Y, this could help you work through some issues. If you’re not, even better, because you get to point and laugh at Gen Y. Totally worth reading for the unicorns and illustrations alone.

Mums on the brink – An insightful piece on why so many of us are ‘maxed out’ and finding it tough to keep everything together. I think we can all relate to that at some stage.

Julie Bishop is not a ‘token’ woman – Much has been made of Julie Bishop being the only woman in our new cabinet. Whatever you may think of our incoming government, Annabel Crabb says ‘fooey’ to the token comments. Bonus: she also refers to Ita Buttrose as ‘career megafauna of Australian womanhood’.

8 ice cream sundae recipes that help your skin – Explanation required? I think not.

4th trimester bodies project – Reveals what post-baby bodies really look like (so no Heidi Klum in Victoria’s Secret knickers here, then). Of course, we already know what they look like, but it’s refreshing to see someone being so honest in public about it too.

A message to everyone who thinks they aren’t beautiful in pictures – Think you’re not photogenic? Watch this and feel a whole lot better.

And did you miss any Champagne Cartel action this week? (Shame on you! Where have you been?)

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Lizard Brain vs Sensible Woman

When I grow up: 11 career lessons I learned along the way

Let’s play “Top 5 alternative careers”!

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