Real Lady Style – September: Kelly Stoakes

I happen to know a lot of very beautiful, very real women with amazing individual style. I thought you might like to see what they wear, where they shop and what their influences are. And maybe steal some style hints from these awesome ladies and their real-lady style. And I know a lot of you ladies out there throw some pretty awesome looks together yourselves, and I am dying to see all of your gorgeous selves too. And so this new monthly feature was born. 

The Creative and Cool Kelly Stoakes

If you’re a regular reader you would have heard me bang on about my hairdresser Kel. She is truly an inspiration to me, not only is she a gifted and very talented hair whisperer, she is a wonderful mum, and one of the gentlest and kindest people that I am lucky enough to call a friend. Despite having some really tough times over the last year, she is always keen for a cuppa and a catchup. Always smiling. She absolutely cracks me up, she has the gift of the gab and is forever regaling me with highly inappropriate, totally piss-funny stories. (And she makes AMAZING granola!)

Kelly Stoakes, the hair whisperer at work!
Kelly Stoakes, the hair whisperer at work!

Kel has a highly eclectic and individual style. She always looks stylish as hell, sporting a range of influences from boho to 1940s boyish chic. She loves neutral and earthy colours, although she totally rocks black and navy. She also loves hats, sunglasses and really interesting accessories and pulls them together with the talent of one who is incredibly creative and has a definitive fashion flair. She makes her own crazy neckpieces out of distressed leather and one year made wild braided hair hats for one the fashion week shows. And she has the hair of a mermaid and face of an angel!

Take it away Kel!

What or who are your fashion influences?

It comes from many places: the moment, the past, bands, other fashionistas, different countries. I don’t necessarily follow any particular fashion. I know myself and what suits me and I’m confident in mixing it up. I just wear what I’m feeling that day. So I could feel girly boho hippies and wear flowing dresses and sandals or jumpsuits. I might feel a little masculine and strong so wear Oxford pants and braces. I have an addiction for brogues and ankle boots and sandals! In fact any footwear, but only earthy tones. I also love to wear boyfriend jeans with shirts and different boots. I have quite an athletic build on the top half and hate my thighs and calves so I always wear things that cover my legs but show off my back, shoulders, arms and décolletage. Also I wear my hair on my mood: top knot, braids down and flowing or fifties quiffs. It’s never ending! My wardrobe is overflowing with amazing clothes. I should do a rental shop like Lily Allen! Hahaha!

Where do you shop?

Everywhere! But always have my staple strong pieces from Dogstar (Kel happens to be a good mate of Dogstar designer Masayo, lucky girl!). Interesting cuts. I love Tree of Life for my boho inspiration. Retro Metro in Paddington for amazing individual pieces. I like adding high street bits like Sportsgirl, H&M, Zara tops with beautifully cut pants. So I say expensive and cheap mix and match! I love Zomp shoes, Birkenstock. I buy online where anything catches my eye, it’s not about a label for me or price, it’s about the fabric, how it falls, the cut, what feels comfortable and what makes me feel good, sexy and strong in myself.

Top row from left: Black top JayJays and black pants by Dogstar + handmade brogues from Vietnam; Lee Cooper Boyfriend jeans from Big W + Dogstar shirt + Zomp boots + handbag bought in Italy; Tree of Life dress + Birkinstocks. Bottom row from left Retro Metro dress + Hermes brown leather thong + Brown UK bag; Dogstar top + pants; floral jumpstuit from suitcase rummage + hat from Lifeline. Maui Jim sunglasses, Mac Lipstick in Morange.

So ladylove, what about you? Are you a style maven? Want to feature on these pages? Send me some pics and tell me about you!

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