Champagne Women: Skye Anderton from Ruby Olive

I first came across Ruby Olive jewellery over a year ago, and since then it has popped up everywhere – a clear sign that I need to own lots and lots of their wonderful and eclectic pieces. For me, Ruby Olive captures summer fun and celebrations – it’s light and fun, and it can liven up even the tiredest of outfits.

Skye Anderton is the founder and primary designer of the brand, as well as a mum of two pre-school aged boys. She has been involved in the jewellery and fashion accessory industry for over 14 years, with experience in design, buying and product development. Based in London for 8 years, she moved back to Australia in 2010 and Ruby Olive was born.

I love that Ruby Olive say the moral of their story is: We’re a bit dreamy and a whole lot of happy.  Come with us, and let’s take a walk on the gorgeous side of wonderful.

Right!? Who doesn’t want to take a walk on the gorgeous side of wonderful? Nobody, that’s who!

Take it away, Skye.

140910 tropicalia collection


What do you wish you had more of in your life?



What do you wish you had less of?

Negative people


What’s your favourite ‘me time’ activity?

Earl Grey Tea or a yummy latte and a magazine (or a massage).


What’s the best gift you’ve given yourself recently?

A proper day off (i.e.: no phone and no computer).


What’s your favourite song to belt out in the shower?

I’m not really a shower singer…I’m more of a car singer – I must look mad to people driving in the opposite direction.  Lately it’s been ‘Fruit Salad’ by the Wiggles… Yeah I know…I’m nuts.


You have a night off from the kids and unlimited funds: what do you do?

I originally thought sleep…but that’s free.  I think I’d go to a health spa and have champagne, massages, facials, pedicures and eat lots of dark chocolate.


What’s the secret to striking a balance among your life’s competing priorities?

Seriously…I have no idea. When you find out – can you let me know?  I guess it’ll have something to do with boundaries and being present in the moment.


Do you have a favourite memory involving champagne?

Too many favourite memories involving champagne!  I absolutely LOVE the sound of champagne corks popping – it brings back all my happy champagne-fuelled memories.



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