Look out ladies, I’m crushing you!

by Mia Cobb

Fuck me, but I’ve grown up! (Apart from my propensity to swear when typing, but given I’ve had to curb my out-loud habits in the face of toddler repetition, you’ll need to indulge me here.)

In the heady haze of post-election life, I’ve been reflecting on the evolution of my lady crushes. You know, the ladies you swoon on? We all have them. Back in my early 20s, this was more of a Rove-style “Who would you turn gay for?” concept (and my answer then would have been – without hesitation – Milla Jovovich [above], all the way), but it seems as I’ve matured, it’s turning more into a fantasy friends club.

In my late 20s, I shifted gear toward the likes of Marieke Hardy and Natalie Portman. This is in no way a reflection on my ‘real-life’ friends. They’re great. Meeting my every friendship need. However, I do find myself quite smitten with the following ladies in a my-gosh-I’d-quite-like-to-make-you-a-cuppa-or-five-and-let’s-chat-for-hours kind of a way. It’s a lady crush of the mid-30s variety.

ladycrush annabel

Annabel Crabb (@annabelcrabb)

I was late to the Annabel Crabb bandwagon, but I’ve hip-and-shouldered my way to a prime position, never you fear. If you’ve somehow been deprived (and between Gruen Nation, Kitchen Cabinet, election night and everything else this lady does with awesome hair and a razor-sharp mind, shame on YOU!), get yourself to YouTube or the ABC and whack her name in the search bar. Pronto.

ladycrush leigh

Leigh Sales (@leighsales)

Maybe this is because we’re hot on the heels of election time, but does anyone else fist punch the air when Leigh Sales doesn’t let a politician sidestep her questions, or is that just me? She won the Walkley Award for broadcasting and online interviewing last year, so I’m thinking I’m not alone. Somehow she combines professionalism, intelligence and warmth into her work as anchor on the ABC’s flagship current affairs program 7.30. She’s also authored a few books and is a mum.

ladycrush jennifer

Jennifer Lawrence (she hates twitter)

Yep, one of these is not like the others and maybe I’m stepping into ‘cradle-snatching’ fantasy friend territory here, but hell. This girl falls over on stairs (at multiple award ceremonies), admits she likes eating food, freaks out in the face of ‘famous people’ and is refreshingly real and quick of wit compared to most other 22 year olds being interviewed in Hollywood today. Who can resist an entertaining, honest klutz who can talk back to Jack Nicholson? Certainly, not I!

I can’t exactly pinpoint why I’m crushing on you, ladies. I am 35 and suitably occupied with my own fulfilling life and career, after all. I think it’s simply that you are a woman I admire. I don’t want to bed you (collective sighs of relief from all of us – we’d really just like a good night’s sleep without the kids waking us, thank you), but I quite like the cut of your jib. I know you’re intelligent, with a little side of sass (but not enough to be openly rude, just enough to delight us onlookers).

You are open about not being a superwoman, but a successful person well-supported by your partner, family and/or friends. I enjoy watching your public success, without wanting it for myself. I think we have enough in common that we could be friends. I think I crush on you because I believe that, occasionally, you work from home in your pyjamas all day too. Perhaps I’m curious to see how your public persona and the ‘real you’ match up, because I get the sense you’re pretty (to use the word that’s the new black) “authentic” – and that’s attractive.

So, you know, if you’re in Melbourne and want to catch up to shoot the breeze about the beauty and chaos of life as a woman who loves what she does over a mug of something freshly brewed – just call me. It won’t be weird. Much.

Who are you lady crushing on – and why?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • Mine used to be on Drew Barrymore but the current one is definitely Pink. And maybe a little bit of Chrissie Swann. Both are strong women, both make me laugh. Pink has the killer body and is the me that I was in my fantasies under my blankets with my tape recorder, singing in my mind to all my friends who would say “wow, I didn’t know she was so amazing!” Chrissie is the more down to earth girl, somebody who I have adored from way back in Big Brother land, she’s real and you’ve got to love that. As for cradle snatching, that’s another thing! Think Zac Efron during high school musical, I like my young boys pretty!

  • Oh I’m with you! However I only have one lady crush… Cal Wilson. Has been her for years. She’s vibrant, intelligent, quick witted, spunky, she’s a working mum, she wears Doc Martens with a short skirt and she dyes her hair pink (despite even Cyndi Lauper having moved on from that phase!). Oh and her NZ accent just tops it all off perfectly! Cal Wilson is all the things I have inside me but am too afraid to let out for fear of society telling me that at age 38 I probably shouldn’t.
    Recently my husband told me that an outfit I was wearing had a real “Cal Wilson look” to it… Best. Compliment. Ever. I immediately felt more hip and spunky. I think I even spoke with a bit of a Kiwi twang for the rest of the day.

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