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I had an emergency call to arms from a girlfriend on the weekend. She had been called in at the last minute to do make-up for her 55 year old sister’s wedding. She was desperate for a tutorial and asked me to find her a good one. So I did a bit of a hunt around YouTube and sent her one.

It gave me the idea for this post.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite YouTube makeup tutorials. The make-up artists featured have loads of other videos. Great fodder if you’re a make-up lover.

Lisa Eldrige is AMAZING. Love her videos. Here is a great one on how to get organised in the make-up dept, with product and tool tips. Very useful.

Her Grown Up Girly/Date Night make-up video is great too.

Learn how to do symmetrical winged eyeliner with Siobhan from Letz Make Up

Watch this one for Lauren Curtis’s amazing smoky eye if you can sit through the RIDICULOUS blah blah about how she looks like Kim Kardashian. GAG, ah the young…

But despite her crapping on, she is a great make-up artist. Check this one.


Seen any good make-up vids lately? What would you like tips on?


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