My favourite hot-weather style staples: part 2

Last week I brought you some of my favourite style staples that I couldn’t live without in the hot weather.

And today I bring you part 2! So without further ado, here they are.

The summer style staples that get me through the long hot days, year after year.

5. Tshirts with pictures

I think I have never gotten over my indie student days in the 90s. Everyone wore tshirts with pictures of horses or Japanese characters or screen printed with vintage movie posters. I still do. Makes me feel a bit young and like I am still ‘with it’. Hahahaha, even saying ‘with it’ clearly means I’m not. And maybe I need to move on, but this is one little fashion quirk I probably won’t be giving up.

My favourite tshirts EVER in the whole world were the following:

  • a white one that had the world MILK right across the boobs. My friends used to joke that because I had such massive cans it read MIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLK
  • a red Genki one that said “I love vodka” in hello kitty style font. I met my husband wearing that one!
  • a bright orange Jabiluka one that I borrowed from a friend (if you don’t know about Jabiluka, look it up). This particular shirt had a handprint in the middle of it. I was wearing it one day to work (global advertising agency in London) and my boss who was head creative director said “do you wear that tshirt just so I’ll stare at your tits” and I said “no and if you ever say anything like that again I will put you up on a charge”. Ahhhh. The 90s. Good times.

You’d think that would be enough to turn me off tshirts. But no.


1. The Haven t-Shirt designed by Sienna Miller for ASOS
2. Sass and Bide Someone Like You top from The Iconic
3. Sailing Club Tee from The Iconic
4. All About Eve Wild and Free Tee
5. Elephant Tee from Cotton On

6. Oversized sunglasses

Best. Things. Ever. The bigger the better. They cover all up manner of eye-bag, mascara smear, pinkeye and wayward eyebrow. Plus, feeling like a glamorous filmstar on the Riviera in 1971 can never be a bad thing.


1. Karen Walker Hollywood Creep from Sunglass Hut
2. Tom Ford Irina Irina from Sunglass Hut
3. Satisfaction Tort from Sportsgirl
4. Faye from Witchery


7. Spray tan

Hopefully I’m not poisoning myself *touchwood* but I’m fully into spray tans. They make you feel fresh and sparkly and positively gorgeous. Nikki Parkinson from Styling You is a gal after my own heart in her love of a party tan. She has some great tips on spray tans in her post 11 Party Season Beauty Tips.

8. Tan High-Heels

And finally, speaking of tan, one of my absolutely fav footwear items is the tan high-heeled sandal. Especially ones with wooden heels. OH YES. I love that they are so classic but sexy and feminine with a touch of 1970 about them.


1. Diavolina Lola Tan Heels from The Iconic
2. Baia Vista Keira Omlette in Taupe from Zomp
3. Ruthie from Wittner
4. Tony Bianco Kahlia Tan Albany


How do you like part 2 of my summer style staples?
What about you?
Do you have a bunch of favourite go-to summer staples?

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