The snow leopard and other winter faves

This is my favourite winter piece of clothing. My adorable four year old just told me I feel woolly, like from a lamb, and that I look like a snow leopard.


From now on this fab coat will forever be known as the ‘snow leopard’.

My other favourite winter items are, in no particular order, fluffy slippers (from Big W), hot pink jumper (Kmart last season), leopard print leggings (Supre), giant boho hat (David Jones) and pleather skirt (Sussan).

140507 snow leopard winter faves

The reason I bring this up is that FINALLY we have a bit of chilly weather in Brisbane. I love the cold and I love dressing for winter so I have a big smile on my face! And I’d really love to see what your winter faves are!

Share your pics with us on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter (@champagnecartel). Let us look at you (in a totally non-creepy stalkerish kind of way)!!!

Or tell us here, what are your favourite winter pieces?

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