Show your feet some love: our Frankie4 shoes giveaway! (closed)

I’m slightly ashamed to say always been a cheapskate when it comes to shoes. I’ll spend happily on a good quality jacket, jeans, anything really – but for some reason I resented having to pay decent money to dress my toes. I think perhaps it’s because I so hate my feet that I don’t like to think about them too much (Want to know how much I hate my feet? Check it.). If I can get away with spending next to nothing on a crappy pair of shoes and live with mild to moderate discomfort, I will. Or I would have, until recently.

Then the kind folks at Frankie4 sent me a pair of their Kass ankle boots to try out. The first thing that struck me in this encounter was that the lovely Tracey, the Communications Manager at Frankie4, is crazy in love with the product she’s selling. Don’t you love talking to people like that? People that don’t just turn up and do their job and go home again, stifling a yawn all along the way. I mean, Tracey freaking loves Frankie4 shoes.

Anyway, I got my hands – er, feet – on these boots the Friday before I was due to go to Sydney for the weekend. Determined to give them a red hot try-out, I ditched the shoes I was going to wear and wore the boots all weekend long (with a small reprieve on the Saturday evening when I tottered around in some heels for a few hours). I figured I’d either make or break the little buggers.

And I tell you what, the instant I slipped on the soft leather and heard that little ‘ziiiiiiiip’,I began a relationship of unseemly love and slightly unhealthy obsession my feet had never known before. They are ah-mazing. No wearing in. No blisters. No aches or arch issues or whatever the fuck else goes on when you get new shoes and refuse to take them off because they make you look S-E-X-Y.

140505 frankie4 grid
My new boots took me all around Sydney but be warned: they do go off in the airport metal detectors, so wear matching socks.

The thing about Frankie4 shoes is that they are designed by a podiatrist and physiotherapist to look good AND be comfortable for standing and walking all day long. We’re talking layers of padding, baby! They even have a section on their website dedicated to busy mums. Ring a bell?

140505 frankie4 cross section

Okay, so you get that I like them, right? Now to the bit you care about. Just in time for Mothers Day, Frankie4 is offering one Champagne Cartel reader the chance to choose her very own pair of Frankie4s FROM THEIR ENTIRE COLLECTION.

Crazy, no?

Here’s what you need to do. Hit the Frankie4 website and choose which pair you want to cuddle and caress your very own little twinkle toes and tell us below, including why you like them. We’re going totally random on this one so anyone could win!

Entries close at 5pm this Friday. I will announce the winner in our Inner Circle newsletter on Sunday – Happy Mothers Day to someone! – and then in social media next week.

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Okay, so hit us: which Frankie4s would you like to win and why? Go!


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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • Oooh love love these boots, which is saying something as I’m not really a boots person. i’ll take the Kass boots in stone please. Size 10 lol x

  • Oh Man, I NEED ankle boots pronto. Travelling to NSW this week and my trusty old favs have given up the ghost. So first up it would be the KASS in black for me but I also need to embrace flats (don’t currently own a pair) so next choice would be….Annie, they have the slightest heel so I would be easing my way down. 🙂

  • Running around after my 3 young sons has left my current ankle boots literally falling apart at the seams. I would love a pair of Kass boots in stone (size8) this Mother’s Day!

  • Oh man I just love love love the kass but in stone size 8 pleazzzzzze ✨✨ I would love these because of my broken body would thank me for them in many ways , the fact that they are designed by a podiatrist someone who knows how to love your body from the soul (sole see what I did there great word placement

  • So I’ve broken a toe, have to run a half marathon in two weeks as part of my commitment to raise funds for Cure Cancer (I can’t pull out – a broken toe is not really coming close to what the poor buggers with cancer are going through) BUT afterwards, GP says rest my toe – so no beautiful heels or pretty shoes for the weeks afterwards to give my toe a chance to recover after this running malarky and the only flats I have are Converse. The red patent Sophie’s would be just the thing to potter about in for winter – I’d be stylish but sensible. It’s like the ultimate convalescent fantasy! Please.

  • I, too, love the Kass boots in stone (size 9 is me 🙂 ).
    I’ve sadly developed a heel spur which has not only forced me to minimise my fitness walking (catch 22), but has meant that I’ve been unable to wear many other shoes than sneakers whilst going about my daily jobs. I love my sneakers, but really- there are only so many outfits you can match to metallic turquoise & lime green footwear…
    A pair of fashionable, warm and slightly more lady-like boots like these which won’t see me hobbling by the end of the day would just about make my winter complete!! 🙂

  • These shoes are gorgeous! Would love the Kass ankle boots in stone (size9). They will match everything in a winter wardrobe!

  • Those boots are amazing! Love the Kass in Stone. I haven’t had boots for yonks, but have been eyeing them off this year. Time to retire the Converse and look a bit classier!

  • I love the look of the Kass boots in Black Pony. I’ve always believed in buying good quality footwear, but I haven’t bought any boots in 3 years. I was banned from my old black boots by my podiatrist and physiotherapist after I developed tendonitis and fasciitis. So to have new boots that are podiatrist and physio approved would be awesome.

  • I seriously need to tell my mum about this site. She has a wonky foot from an injury she had when she was 21. A softdrink bottle burst on her ankle cutting through a ligament. The doctor at the time said it would heal naturally. Now she walks with a limp and her foot is completely misshapen. It is so hard for her to find funky shoes made by podiatrists. Seeing it’s almost mother’s day, I would choose the Abbie in black patent for my mum to wear while on her feet all day at work.

  • Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I’ve been after black ankle boots for AAAAGES but have not found ones I love. Until today! Kass in black for me pretty please. x

  • Oooooh shoes! Squeals! I just looked (never send me to a footwear website – bit of a shoe hoarder here). I am loving the Kass in Stone and the sexy Sophie’s in red. I will squeal even louder if I win! Terribly lovely shoes!

  • I’m a boot lover so the Kass boots in Black Pony would be my first choice … and I promise I would wear them pretty much every day in winter! My second choice would be the Sophie in red. There’s something about red shoes that’s almost as good as boots.

  • Do they come in 11? If so I’ll check them out! I’m always cheap with shoes too – most times out of necessity! I have boats for feet so rarely find “good” shoes in my size! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  • Comfort and stylish! I’m supposed to wear orthotics but can never find ‘nice’ shoes that fit them – these do!! Wowsers, I’d love the Kass in Black Pony pretty please. These would make the school drop off and then heading to work so much more comfortable.

  • I also spend very little on shoes, I have a $20 pair that I’ve been wearing when it’s cold, for 2 years. I have a pair of boots but rarely go anywhere to wear them! Yay for you getting a nice pair x

  • I want the Kass black peony. Oh please pick me!! I am desperate for a pair of ankle boots because I lived in Darwin where I never wore boots, and now I live in SA and I need them. In particular I need these ones, because I don’t want to take shoes off ever with this freakishly cold weather!!!

  • It’s rare to fine comfortable and practical shoes that actually look good! I’d absolutely love a pair of the Sophie’s in black size 7.5

  • Kass black boots in 7 1/2 pretty please. I haven’t owned a pair of boots since my doc martens at uni. I’m going to Melbourne in June. The boots look super comfortable so I’ll be able to walk for miles, I won’t look like I’m a hick from North Queensland, my big cyclist calves won’t cause problems with these low boots and they look like they will keep me warm!

  • Sophie in red patent size 9s would be my choice because with painful bunions requiring orthotics to avoid surgery, pretty shoes are a now a thing of the past- until now fingers crossed!

  • Kass Boots, 8.5, black, they would make me smile, a really big happy, I am comfortable smile!

  • I’ve been dying to get a pair of Frankies. I would love the Ellie in black. They would be perfect for chasing my 2 year old around the park. 🙂

  • New shoes need new clothes .Why choose just one colour buy something gorgeous for the toes and work up from them, then .Step out feeling fantastic and looking fresh and ready for fun .

  • I adore the whole of the Frankie4 range and am struggling to choose which shoe is my favourite. As it is winter and I struggle to find boots that are stylish and can fit my orthotics I think that the Kass in stone in a size 9 would be perfect. Plus being a Practice Manager at a Podiatry Clinic I would be well placed to advertise the range 🙂

  • Hi, I’m so sad to have missed the deadline. I am saving up for a pair of the Eboni 2. Have heard such great things about these shoes. I take a size 13 and let me tell you it isn’t easy finding stylish shoes in big hoof size. Thanks Frankie4 you have given me hope. 🙂

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