How to style a t-shirt for winter

How to style a t-shirt for winter

We are massive fans of the t-shirt around here, in fact we love them so much we designed our own range! We love t-shirts for summer, for a night out, for hanging out on the couch and for layering in winter. The other day a friend asked me for help with styling her Nevertheless she persisted t-shirt for winter. She was looking for ways that she could wear her tee that were a bit different and a bit individual, basically a step up from the jeans and cardi.

So I pulled together some inspiration for her, and for you! I hope you love some of these ideas and are sparked to try something different or even a bit out of your comfort zone. And of course I had to style up our tees and give you a look that you can pull together yourself. Please tell me what you think and also let me know how you are styling your tees this winter.

But without further ado, here are my top ways to style a t-shirt for winter.

Biker Babe

This is my absolute favourite look going round at the moment, it’s full of sass and attitude, just how we like it at Champagne Cartel! Essential to this look is a leather or faux leather biker jacket and a pair of distressed jeans (either boyfriend style or skinnies) which will top off the look.

How to style a t-shirt for winter

1. Champagne Cartel Fancy T-shirt $44.95
2. MNG zipped biker jacket from The Iconic $139.95
3. Bohemian Traders Distressed Skinny Jean $139
4. Ruby Olive Mod Squad Striped Ring Mono $25

Sequin De Luxe

A t-shirt style post at Champagne Cartel simply wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory sequin-porn. We love teaming up a simple tee with a hunk of sparkle and in this look I have thrown in some fake fur and a pair of suede shoes for good measure. Because winter is all about layering a bunch of gorgeous textures and hitting the road in search of a velvet sofa and a warm, spicy drink by candlelight. Talk about sequinspiration (sorry I had to go there, it’s late and I’m delirious).

How to style a t-shirt for winter

1. Champagne Cartel Glitter Unicorn T-shirt $44.95
2. Faux Fur Wrap from Witchery $179.95
3. TFNC All Over Pleated Midi Skirt in All Over Sequin from ASOS $129
4. Nine West Martina in Grey $149.95

Sleek sophistication

How gorgeous is this look. I absolutely love the sleek simplicity of a pair of super skinny trousers, a simple tee and a well tailored blazer. Our gorgeous friend Kate is queen of this look and just about broke the internet when she posted the pic below on Insta. If you don’t know Kate @onecoolmother, check her out on Facebook and Insta under her brand #onecoolmother. We partnered with her to produce this rad tee by the same name. It’s been flying off the shelves, because frankly who doesn’t want to be #onecoolmother!

How to style a t-shirt for winter

1. Champagne Cartel #onecoolmother T-shirt $33.95
2. Dejcuba Luna Long Line Blazer from The Iconic $129.95
3. Cotton On Mid Rise Deluxe Skinny Coated Jeans $59.95
4. FRANKiE4 Izzy in Gunmetal $299.95

Relaxed Style

A while ago I wrote about how to dress for comfort without looking like you don’t give a shit because it’s actually one of the hardest styles to nail. For this look, we’ve been inspired by the gorgeous Cate @individualstyle101 (who incidentally always wears tees in the coolest way – her slightly vintage, edgy take on fashion is really inspiring). And we adore the lovely Lily @the_stylish_teacher who makes looking relaxed and stylish all at once seem a pice of cake.

How to style a t-shirt for winter

1. Champagne Cartel Good Vibes striped T-shirt $44.95
2. Target Denim Jacket $39
3. Kmart Garment Dyed Joggers $20
4. Emerson Connie Sneakers from Big W $7

Edgy Glam

I absolutely love seeing women who confidently wear whatever the hell they want and look bloody great in it, so here’s some inspiration from a few of our favourite style queens. One of the spunkiest fashionistas around is Sally @steelemystyle who looks ridiculously awesome in her statement jacket and pants. And check out the fabulous gold boots that our mate Andrea from @icadoo is sporting – hothothot – and Alex @whattheteacherwears is smashing it out of the park in her leopard bomber jacket. For mere mortals like us to do this look well, the secret is to pick one statement piece and pair with some simpler pieces. Here I’ve paired a statement quilted bomber with a classic black top and pants combo.

Or just go wild and wear all the things and be most excellent.

How to style a t-shirt for winter

1. Champagne Cartel Nasty woman T-shirt $33.95
2. ASOS Premium Quilted Bomber Jacket with Dragon Embroidery $129
3. ASOS White Denim Jeans $109
4. FRANKiE4 Alex in Champagne $244.95

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