Friday Fizz: the sweet martini

Pour yourself a sweet martini and enjoy our five favourite clicks of the week.

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy Friday!

I seem to have a sweet tooth in this cool weather, so a sweet martini it is this week. Thanks to the Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog for this super easy but delish recipe (and check out the rest of the site for loads of great cocktails. I could work my way through this blog very happily).

Cheers, and here are our favourite five clicks of the week:


Lee Lin Chin > Everyone – because she so is. Hilarious.

10 simple traps to watch out for if you’re trying to lose weight – our mate Bianca Wordley has been documenting her weight loss journey for a long time now. She’s learnt a whole lot. And she’s funny as hell.

Flying rum monkeys – when you name a cookie this, you have our full attention, Amanda from Cooker and a Looker.

In praise of women who give all the fucks – because not giving a fuck is so 2014.

Stop telling me how hard it is to have children – Smaggle with some plain speakin’ that some of us really need to read.


Have a beautiful weekend! xx


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