Introducing sweet potato toast: the best thing since sliced bread

What on earth did we ever do before the internet? We ate our vegetables either boiled or  baked, and we didn’t know enough to complain about it, that’s what.

But today I discovered something revolutionary on the interwebs that is going to change my breakfast, and possibly my life.

Sweet potato toast.

Instagram @littlebitsof_realfood
Instagram @littlebitsof_realfood

Yep, it’s a thing.

All you do is slice your sweet potato into half centimetre-thick slices, and whack them in your toaster as you would two slices of Mighty White. Only this is much much healthier.

Top it with avocado, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs…or any other damn thing your healthy heart desires. Clever hey?

Just don’t cut it too thick or it won’t cook through and it will be crunchy in the wrong way.

Bon appetit!

Will you give sweet potato toast a go?

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