What you need to do for yourself this year

What you need to do for yourself this year

You know we’re all about the self love around here, and in this pristine, fresh new year, we’re resolving to treat ourselves right all year long. So we asked the brilliant women in our Facebook Group what they think we should be doing for ourselves each year so we could share it with you.

Here are some of the genius ideas they have (thanks to our brilliant Ladybrains Trust that helped us put together these ideas):

  1. Buy yourself a really good pair of shoes. Shoes you can walk around in all day and not get sore feet. Shoes made of real leather that breathe and cost you a bit more than you’d usually pay, but they look so good and they’ll last for ages. Grown up shoes.
  2. Learn a useful new skill. Meditate. Crochet. Change a tyre. Anything that either makes your heart sing or makes you more confident as you move around in this world.
  3. Purge. Get rid of those clothes you don’t wear. Clear out your desk and ditch all that paperwork that is stored electronically anyway. Give away books that you’ll never read again.
  4. Rearrange your space. Whether it’s moving your bed across the room or changing the whole lounge room around, it will re-energise the space and make it feel new.
  5. Stay in a hotel on your own. Order room service. Drink champagne. Breathe and smile.
  6. Clean out your inbox and unsubscribe to emails you never read.
  7. Take yourself out to dinner. Yes, that’s a euphemism for masturbation but I’m really talking about actual dinner this time. (You should be masturbating well more than once a year, my friend.) Find somewhere with a lovely view, put your phone away and just enjoy the peace of eating something delicious on your own. Order dessert if you feel like it.
  8. Make a list of things you’ve achieved over the past year. Be struck by just how much you’ve done and how awesome you are.
  9. Learn to cook something new. Practise it and then when it’s great, make it for someone else tadalafil cost. Or yourself.
  10. Volunteer your time for a charity or a community group you believe in.
  11. Go on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been. It can be just for a day, or for as long as you want. We live on a gigantic island. You can never see everything, and there is so much out there. (Eating road trip food is an optional bonus.)
  12. Visit the area where you grew up. Walk past your school and your childhood home. Show your kids the spot where you fell off your bike and broke your arm.
  13. Give someone a non-random act of kindness that will make their year. Send your mum some flowers and a card telling her how much she means to you, pay for your bestie to go and get a massage if she’s feeling stressed, buy a bottle of champagne for your child’s awesome teacher, take someone you love out for a special dinner. Be the reason someone feels special and appreciated.
  14. Get your moles checked. Not sexy. Not fun. But so important.
  15. Skinny dip.
  16. Read a book from cover to cover in one sitting (board books about Peppa Pig don’t count – this one has to be for you!)
  17. Go to a live show. Stay in a hotel afterwards if you have the spare cash.
  18. Learn or experience at least one completely new thing you’ve never tried before. That could be food, a language, a skill…the details are up to you.
  19. Send everyone you live with away for a day, and watch everything you have taped to watch later, eat all the secret food you can’t eat in front of the kids, drink wine in your undies, and do whatever else you want without fear of interruption.
  20. Really check in with yourself. Are you living the life you want to lead? What is making you happy? What is making you unhappy? How is your physical health? Your mental health? Are you on track to achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself? Is there anything you’ve been putting up with that you could cut from your life?
  21. But overwhelmingly, the one thing a woman should do for herself every year, according to our Ladybrains Trust is (drumroll please):

Get away with your girlfriends.

It could be a night down the road, or it could be two months eating your way around Italy (one day…), but whatever you do, you need to get away with your ladies. Scientific studies (okay, our in-the-field research) show girls’ weekends away can fill you with joy, reduce stress, make you laugh, cry and chill, and generally restore your soul. So what are you waiting for? Get the girls together and get out there!

And if you want to join this beautiful group of ladies to tap into their wisdom on a regular basis (and offer your own) join Champagne Women on Facebook.

Why not print the list (below) and put it on your wall to remind you to take care of you this year.

What you need to do for yourself this year

What do you do for yourself each year?


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