Whatever you do, don’t mention vaginas

Are you comfortable with your vagina? Did you know one in seven women would consider cosmetic surgery on their vagina? We want you to get informed and learn to love your vagina in all its natural glory!

I don’t want to make you squeamish, but did you know almost half of us have NEVER spoken to a friend about our own vagina? Is that because you don’t think it’s interesting? Or are you shy? Add to that, one in five of us have no idea what our vagina is supposed to look like. (I’m wondering how far out they are – are they thinking something bigger/smaller/more pink…or something resembling Cookie Monster?)

The research, from beauty and health experts beautyheaven.com.au, revealed that 50% of women now worry about whether their own vagina looks normal, with one in seven considering going to the extreme of vaginal or labial plastic surgery to fit in with what they imagine to be right.

Can we all just pause here for a moment. One in seven. Look around at your group of friends and try to work out which one thinks her vajayjay is so ugly it needs surgery. Surgery. With a general anaesthetic and pain and CUTTING.

Personally, I’d be spending that money on therapy instead.

Because cutting and vagina should never be in the same sentence.

Also according to this rather alarming study, over half of women have never seen a vagina in real life (other than their own – well, that’s a relief), with one in five having only porn to compare themselves to. Because there is nothing more sensible than comparing your life to a porno. In related news, I need to start tipping the pizza guy properly.

Porn vaginas are like Pamela Anderson – all unnaturally bleached and waxed and so far from resembling anything in nature.

Are you comfortable with your vagina? Did you know one in seven women would consider cosmetic surgery on their vagina? We want you to get informed and learn to love your vagina in all its natural glory!

Carli Alman, Editor of beautyheaven, said: “Lots of women don’t know what they are meant to look like down below, which could lead to some having unrealistic expectations on what they should look like. And as our research shows, some are even considering invasive surgery.”

Dr. Rebecca Deans, Gynaecologist at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women, said: “Women should be aware of all parts of their body, including their vagina. I have researched the topic in depth and found that because women are so shy about it, their perceptions about what’s normal or healthy are sometimes really inaccurate which is leading to insecurities and potentially an increase in surgery.

“From a health perspective, it is important you know what’s right so you can spot anything that’s wrong.  We urge women to talk openly about their vagina to friends and medical professionals.”

To help women open up more about what lies beneath, beautyheaven.com.au is encouraging women to confidentially email in their questions to info@beautyheaven.com.au, to be answered personally by Rebecca Deans. Alman adds: “We want to encourage women to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask about their vaginas but have been too embarrassed.  And for women to continue the conversation with friends and be more willing to discuss any issues.”

Are you comfortable with your vagina? Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?

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  • Is it wrong that I read this entire post with my legs tightly crossed?! Mine is fine (as far as I’m aware – plus my husband seems to not have any problems with it)… but yes, we should totally be aware of every part of our body, even the more intimate ones. Especially the more intimate ones. x

  • Mine is good thank you I am happy with it ,I saw a documentary on this once on the Abc how women have labiaplasty done but they thought porn and magazines were the norm,I think more women should be having a look at their own!

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