Why I want to be my mum when I grow up

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One of my biggest fears in life is what will happen to me when I’m not able to run any more. I rely on running to keep myself steady and sane and operating like something resembling a normal human. Lucky for me, I come from good stock.

My mother, Barb, is as strong as an ox and, despite living a lifestyle that was perhaps a little too rich in ciggies and frivolity back in the day, now takes her health pretty seriously. She eats well, drinks with circumspection and, impressively, gave up the smokes cold turkey about 20 years ago.

So where, once, we might have caught up for a bottle or two of wine of red and some crazy-arsed shenanigans, Barb and I now bond over healthy eating and keeping active.

One of our favourite events each year is getting together for the Mothers Day Classic Fun Run. For us, it’s a brilliant way to celebrate our good health together, as mothers and as women, and to support others who need it. Next year, for the first time, my eldest daughter will be running with us, so there will be three generations of us running together. I reckon that’s pretty special.

Why I want to be my mum when I grow up - Champagne Cartel
Barb and me at the Mothers Day Classic. Who needs breakfast in bed?? *sigh*

Bupa is running a program right now encouraging us all to Care for our Greats. It’s incredibly important to help to keep those Greats in our lives connected to what is going on in the community, and to keep healthy and active.

I’d like to pretend that’s what I’m doing with my mum, but honestly, she’s a freaking ace broad and I just love hanging out with her. Mum raised my brother and me on her own, and we were not easy kids to raise at times. She is strong, whip-smart, funny as hell and one of my favourite people on the planet.

Why I want to be my mum when I grow up - Champagne Cartel
Barb walked me up my garden path (rather than down the aisle) at my wedding.

The fact that Barb prioritises her health and plans adventures for herself (she is jetting off to Hawaii in November with some of her gym buddies) is a constant inspiration to me. I’m planning on living my life just as large.

Why I want to be my mum when I grow up - Champagne Cartel
At my hens weekend, Barb was the first to volunteer to go ripping down the flying fox. Go Barb!


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