11 fun and different date night at home ideas (that aren’t weird)

Fun date night at home ideas

If you are in a long term relationship, it can be pretty tough sometimes to keep the fires burning. Especially when life is crazy and you pass each other like ships in the night.

Plus, you know, KIDS.

You know you should make time for each other but then you have a find a babysitter and it’s all such a ball-ache that it goes into the too hard basket and you give up on the idea altogether.

Well, ball-ache no more! We’ve got some super excellent ideas for spending a fun night at home with your significant other.

But first I’d like to share the LAMEST ideas for date night at home that I came across.

Fund date night ideas

In no particular order:

  • decorate mugs for each other (W.T.F!!!)
  • babysit for a friend (sounds like a blast, because that’s what we all want to do when we get away from our own family for few precious minutes)
  • play the newlywed game and test how well you know each other (UMMM. Recipes for disaster, am I right?)

And my all time favourite…wait for it…

MAKE YOUR OWN SCRAPBOOK (What? Why? No words.)

Here are our 11 ideas for fun date nights at home

1. Wine tasting

Get a bunch of wines you’ve never had and try them out. Talk about the flavours, the ones you like/don’t like etc. Have a platter of nibbles to go with it so you don’t get totally sloshed. Or go right ahead and get sloshed. You could even theme it (i.e. Pinot Noir tasting) or do it with beers or gins or whisky.

2. Adults only barbecue


Head out to the backyard and have a barbie. If you are parents of tiny-fussy people, make a conscious choice to only eat food you know they’ll hate. Like fresh sardines or eggplant. Or make a fiery hot sauce to slather on everything. You can bond over how much they’d be freaking out right now as you’re eating it.

3. Make a bunch of music playlists

Just hang out and play some tunes. If you have internet TV make some playlists on whatever channel you like or use Spotify or your iTunes. Maybe you saw a lot of bands together when you were young(er) and can make playlists from those days. Or reminisce over songs played at your wedding or music that got you both on the dance floor.

4. Have a picnic by candlelight


Get together some picnic food, take a blanket and sit under the stars. Or even on the lounge room floor! The change in perspective makes the food a lot yummier.

5. Make a video

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m not talking about a dirty movie, I’m thinking something you can show your kids later, or watch when you’re old. Tell the story about how you met, or interview each other, or talk about what you love about your kids. Maybe you could even become superstar YouTube vloggers. Or start a podcast!

6. Have breakfast in bed

Cook bacon and eggs for dinner and have it in bed. You’ll get high on the rebellion, I guarantee.

7. Strip poker


Get your Vegas on and see where things go! You could even setup a mini casino or a games night scenario and play for “favours” or money.

8. Chocolate tasting

Get a bunch of different flavoured chocolates and taste them all. Remember to savour and not to scoff them like you would if you were alone on the couch.

9. Five things I like about you

On the day of your date night write down five things you like about your partner. On the night you can read them aloud to each other or if you are totes awks, hand them to each other over dinner so you can read them before your meal. Everyone loves to hear how awesome they are!

10. It’s all about you

Have alternate date nights where you get to choose to do something you really want to do. It might be that you love French movies and you want to have a movie marathon, or they might be into star gazing and want to lie outside and look at the starts (hhhmmm that sounds romantic, but would maybe be slightly boring, I’m thinking?).

11. Shagathon

A very awesome bird I know told me recently that she brought some well-needed intimacy back into her relationship by having 7 shags in 7 days. Yes, look, maybe 7 date nights in a row is a bit hard to get happening but a bit of action in the sack is always good for the body and mind.

Hope this inspires you!
Let me know if you have any different date night ideas.


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