How to try role playing in the bedroom: ask Jezabel Jones

I’ve always wanted to try dressing up and role playing, and my partner is up for it, but I just feel like an idiot. I bought a naughty nurse costume but I can’t even leave the bathroom dressed like this! How can I get past these initial feelings so we can get down to the fun business of being someone else for a while?

Shy nurse

Trying out something new, I like your ambition! And of course understand your nerves, Shy Nurse. Ask any actor, it’s stage-fright darling, made all the more intense for the intimacy of the audience and the act.

It all starts before you come out in costume. When you walk in to your bathroom to get dressed, you are not you putting on a nurse-outfit for a little hanky-panky, you are a Nurse getting ready for some naughtiness. Channel those desires as you cast off the everyday bra and knickers and squeeze yourself in to that oh-so-saucy little uniform, and get your head ready for your work.

You need to remember, you are also the director darling, this Nurse is yours. She will do whatever you want her to. When you want her to. You don’t need to wait for permission from your partner to bring her out, that has already been given. She goes to work on your time. Perhaps it is that very conversation, in bed with your desired and the suggestion that ‘perhaps now might be the time to try out that… you know…’ that is adding to your nerves. In which case, don’t have the conversation. Bring her home by surprise. Get her up early one morning, or late in the middle of the night. Whenever it is, you remember that you own her, and you strut her little touche into the room.

I hate to say it, but darling, visualise your success. Any actor is bringing something of value to their audience, a new point of view and experience. This is yours. The actor and the audience. Think about the delight on your partners face when Naughty Nurse struts in and takes over, and focus on how it is going to feel for you to have given you both an entirely new path to pleasure – and then get out there and take it.

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