30 excellent reasons it’s great to be a woman

30 excellent reasons it's great to be a woman

To celebrate all that is International Women’s Day, we’re banging on about how rad chicks are this week. Just for something different. And I want you to start the week off with some pep in your step and a sparkle in your eye. All air punchy about being a woman. Because being a woman is fucking great, am I right?

30 excellent reasons it's great to be a woman

And to facilitate said feeling, I asked our beautiful Champagne Women private group on Facebook what they reckon is so great about being a woman. Their answers show a what a brilliant cross-section of characters we have in that group, and they made me laugh pretty hard. Want to join our gorgeous crew on FB? Request to join here and I’ll let you in.

I hope you feel that little bit better about being a woman after reading this list. Now go forth and have a brilliant womanly day!

  1. We can multitask without even thinking.
  2. We can have open conversations about our emotions and feelings, and usually find someone (if not many) who are in the same boat…or have been in the past.
  3. We don’t have to order and pay for our own hot chips, instead, our man folk will, and we shall assume rights to at least 50% of hot chips.
  4. Should we choose to we can grow humans. TAKE THAT MEN PEOPLE.
  5. Boobs. If we had to have something protruding from our body to represent our sexuality they are way less funny looking then penises.
  6. We generally don’t start wars.
  7. We can eat as much quiche as we like without comment.
  8. The clitoris.
  9. We can play sport without being precious about protecting our bits.
  10. Women enjoy a wide variety of wardrobe choices.
  11. Women own their feelings.
  12. Women always have an extra stomach for dessert.
  13. Red shoes! Enough said.
  14. We can knit in public.
  15. We can masturbate without the need for tissues, or a clean up in aisle 2.
  16. According to MRAs the wage gap is a myth, so that’s pretty cool. *winkyface*
  17. We’re encouraged to dress according to whim and we sustain international markets through accessorising – and being a different woman every day is not just ok it’s considered normal. Choice is ours!
  18. Our orgasms last longer.
  19. …and we don’t need 5hrs to ‘recuperate’ for the next one.
  20. We’d rather talk it out that punch it out.
  21. We have a lot more options for office attire
  22. Mostly that because we create life, we value life.
  23. The ability to be multi dimensional – mother/partner/daughter/sister/friend/business owner/employee/and a dozen others in any combination – and do all of them well and at once.
  24. Lipstick and high heels!
  25. Our softness. Our ability to intuit. And our connection to all things rhythmical and to Mother Earth. And of course, our formidable lioness ability to kick some serious arse!
  26. Surprising people. I’ve worked in a bunch of male dominated industries over the years and nothing makes me happier than being really good at something you were expected to suck at because you’re a girl.
  27. Vaginas are strong and resilient – just like the rest of the woman!
  28. People just trust you. I could very easily shoplift or kidnap a child with out any trouble. Sinister but true.
  29. Other women – the support, solidarity and general awesomeness we share with one another.

Thanks to Jo, Stacey, Alison, Robyna, Kereen, Jane, Emily, Ivana, Tara, Lily, Lisa, Amanda, Kimberley, Margaret, Monique, Carly, Denyse, Deb, Bron, and Charlie for their ideas.

What do you think is great about being a woman?

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