8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco

You know around here we love our bubbles as much as the next woman. But sometimes – just sometimes – we want to mix it up and make something fresh…all without diverting from our old mate, sparking wine. There are two reasons you might want to try these clever bubble hacks:

  1. You’re feeling bored and you just want some fresh and exciting flavours in your life.
  2. You’ve bought some shitty cheap bubbles and you need to mask the flavour. (If that’s the case, why didn’t you try one from our best bubbles under $10 list? Those are some real not-shitty winners and you can’t get any cheaper!)

But there is one occasion you should never EVER try these pimping tricks. That’s if you’ve got a decent fancy-pants bottle of the French stuff. If that’s you, step away from the accoutrements. AWAY, I SAY!

The first commandment of the Cartel is we do not fuck with the good stuff. We breathe it in like the goddess nectar it is. And then we glug it with massive appreciation.

8 ways to pimp your prosecco…or brut…or whatevs

These pimps work just as well with prosecco or a sparkling brut – it just depends on whether you like your bubbles sweet or dry.

  1. Add fruit. Simple, right? We’re talking blueberries, strawberries, raspberries (see a theme here yet?), mango, pineapple…anything that floats you boat will float nicely in a glass of bubbles. Freeze the fruit first and it’s even better because it keeps your bevvy cold too. Bonus!
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    Simply stunning! Image credit: Casuarina Weddings
  2. Add sorbet. Again, a frozen delight. Any of those fruit flavours above work well in here, or you could get super clever and make our champagne, lychee and dragonfruit granita just for this purpose.If you watched our Facebook Live video a few weeks ago you would have seen us trying a Champagne Spider (or a chpider as we christened it, perhaps after imbibing too many of them). Look, I’ll be honest, I’m not sold on champs and dairy. But sorbet is delish.
  3. Add fairy floss. Look, I’ll be honest, this one is not for me – it makes my teeth hurt. But if you’re an alcoholic 5 year old, then you might think differently. Sweet tooths rejoice! The rest of us? Keep scrolling.
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    Call the dentist! Image credit: Lauren Conrad
  4. Add herbs. A few fresh leaves can really lift the flavours in your glass, especially if you accompany it with some fruit. Think plum and thyme, or pomegranate and rosemary. If you’re doing this when you’ve got company though, I recommend trialling it yourself first. There’s a fine line between a light bev with a hint of herb, and serving a cold casserole in the glass. Don’t be on the wrong side of that line.
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    Herby deliciousness. Image credit: A House in the Hills 
  5. Add flowers. SUCH a delightful addition on a spring day. Just be sure your flowers are edible and that they aren’t covered in bug spray, otherwise you’ll be vomiting into your rose bushes (roses are okay though, phew!). Also, remove the pistils and stamen – it’s really just the petals you want. Great flowers to add include roses, marigolds, carnations (for that 70s vibe), chamomile, chrysanthemum, clover, hibiscus, jasmine and lavender.
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    So pretty we want to cry. Image credit: Nouba
  6. Add an ice block. A whole one, on a stick. It keeps your drink cool, it adds whatever delightful flavour you’ve chosen, and you also get a cool snack with your drink. I recommend something like a Frosty Fruit over a Rainbow Paddlepop, but hey, horses for courses. Of course, you’ll also need glasses that can fit everything without falling about awkwardly.
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    This is totally pop-tastic! Image credit: Southern Living
  7. Add stout. This is a more wintery sort of vibe, but you can do it any time of the year. It’s called a Black Velvet, which just makes me want to wear stirrup pants and listen to Alannah Myles all night. Nothing wrong with that!
    8 sexy ways to pimp your prosecco
    Velvety goodness. Image credit: Salt and Wind 
  8. Add glitter. As the mother of two daughters, I have had enough of finding glitter in every nook and cranny – both in my house and on my person – but if you’re into the sparkles in a big way, this might be for you. Grab yourself some EDIBLE glitter. Not the stuff you get from the newsagent – specialty delis and whatnot have it. Dip your glasses in egg white or even chocolate and then into the glitter. Looks super fancy and is sure to impress your guests, but you’ll be picking that shit out of your teeth for days.

IMAGE CREDIT: Article hero image courtesy of Nouba

How do you pimp your prosecco?


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