The best booze to drink if you’re on a health kick

The best booze to drink if you're on a health kick

Okay, let’s be straight right from the start: booze is not good for your health. Sorry.

Sure, drinking wine before bed can help you lose weight, and studies show wine is actually the secret to a happy marriage – but in all honesty, booze is generally full of sugar and could possibly make you do really stupid shit if over-imbibed.

But imbibe we do. We love it. (We also really quite like doing stupid shit sometimes.)

What we’re talking about here is minimising the damage of a few after-work bevvies or some weekend shenanigans with your mates. We want drinks you can order or make yourself that won’t pack on thoughtless calories so your regular sessions don’t impact your bottom line – or so you can order that large bowl of fries with aioli.

  1. Tequila Gimlet – think of this drink as a margarita’s slimmer and more sensible sister. Just whack a shot or two of tequila in a glass with a splash of lime juice and agave. Add some ice cubes and a couple of slices of jalapeno if you’re feeling spicy.
    The best booze to drink if you're on a health kick
    Tequila Gimlet Cake n Knife
  2. Spritz – it’s like wine, but make it half and half with soda and you’ve just halved your booze (and sugar) intake. If you want to get fancy (and a bit more squiffy), pop in some herbal aperitif.
    The best booze to drink if you're on a health kick
    White wine spritzer B.Britnell
  3. Whiskey straight up – cut the mixer and drink like a woman! Check out our guide to drinking whiskey and enjoy a quiet sipping drink, rather than something you gulp down because you’re thirsty. Add ice or soda if you need to soften the edges a little. Sure, a shot of whiskey has more calories than a glass of white wine, but I can be perfectly satisfied sitting on one or two whiskeys all night. If I start on the white wine, nobody’s going home until we see the bottom of the bottle.
    The best booze to drink if you're on a health kick
    “Real women drink whiskey” Le hedonist

What’s your favourite way to minimise your booze damage?



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