Champagne Cartel loves: beige lipstick

You’ve heard me go on ad nauseum about my love of the lipstick. I’M SORRY, all right. But I can’t help it. I like it a lot. Most recently I was banging on about beige lipstick in my post on Quick Fixes for the Most Common Makeup Mistakes. One of our readers, Krissy from Pretty Wee Things, asked if I have an all time fave when it comes to beige lippies……

Well Krissy, I love a variety of beige lipsticks. The best are the most neutral. They enable you to mix with other colours to tone it back or in fact look all sexy and Kardashian when you wear them on their own. My all time old favourite was a Revlon lip pencil in nude, it was deliciously beige (you don’t get to say that very often). They stopped making it years ago, the bastards.

But I have recently found a new fav and it is the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #32. They don’t even have a proper picture of the colour on their website, so I photographed it in bad light. But trust me, it’s a warm nutty, neutral tone with a faint underlying peachiness.

It looks a quite apricot in this pic but it is definitely beige and not just a fleshy nude (which I also love)

Here’s me mixing up a beige lipstick storm with the Rimmel.

I applied a very bright red, then I put a layer of the beige over the top. You can see what a difference there is in the shade and how useful beige lipstick can be for changing the tone of a lip colour.

And here are some other really great beige lipsticks:


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