The best mid-range bubbles – $40-$60

If you’ve been around here before, you’ll know that we love nothing better than quaffing a glass of bubbles and writing about it!

We’ve wacked together The best sparkling wines under $10 and The best sparkling wines under $20 and The best sparkling wines under $30.

And now we bring you the best mid-range bubbles $40-$60. Hurrah!

We’d class these as more special occasion bubbles (well on our budget anyway…frankly running a blog isn’t the most profitable undertaking going around #fortheloveofit #passionproject) but if you can indulge in one of these bottles of deliciousness every day, then all power to you!

We compiled this list via exhaustive research (I know it’s hard but someone has to do it) plus we asked the AWESOME ladies in our Champagne Women community on Facebook and they came up with their favs. As always I have compiled the list based on Uncle Dan’s catalogue. I generally list from here as I like the wines to be mainstream and readily available. But I also always give Naked Wines a plug too. I am an Angel so I can help fund winemakers to hand-craft great wines… so if you want to help the Australian wine industry this is one little thing you can do.

Veuve Clicquot Brut yellow Label $59

The best mid-range bubbles - $40-$60

This one takes it’s place proudly at the top of the list as being the most exxy but definitely one of our favs. It is one of the preferred champagnes of my mum and sister and it’s easy to see why. It’s from one of the most famous champagne houses in the world and it has a beautiful bready nose and full-bodied taste. Great to pair up with some seafood, like BBQ’d scallops or prawns. Mmmmmm.

Mumm Cordon Rouge NV $42

The best mid-range bubbles - $40-$60

I’m a big fan of the Mumm and it seems to be one of the top picks from our Champagne Women as well. Seriously what’s not to love though! It’s very unchallenging and quaffable with a delightful fruitiness, and apparently according to Dan Murphy’s is great to pair with food as it has a high proportion of Pinot Noir. It’s one of the cheaper champagnes at the moment and luckily for us there is a lot of it on the market so you should be able to get it at the lower end of this price range for a little while yet.

House of Arras Blanc de Blanc $59

The best mid-range bubbles - $40-$60

Wow. This is a bloody gorgeous drop. I love the Australian cold climate sparklings and this one from Tassie is a corker. It’s won loads of awards and is a popular one with our Champagne Women too, they’re clearly a patriotic lot! Beautiful fine bead and a nice touch of bread too. If you are more budget challenged there are other tasty treats in the Arras range to be found and I’d highly recommend you give them a try.

Jansz Vintage Rosé $43

The best mid-range bubbles - $40-$60

This is a favourite among my neighbourhood ladies and definitely one of my top picks. I am a huge fan of this Tasmanian operation and have been quaffing on the Jansz Premium Cuvee for years. Carolyn and I love a rosé (or lady petrol as it is commonly known! ) and this one is described as having flavours of strawberry and turkish delight. Yum-mo, yes please!

Lanson Black Label $39.90

I haven’t actually tried this champagne but it comes on very good recommendation from a couple of lasses that I would trust with my life in a bottle-o. I’m going to get onto it next time I’m buying in this price range. It’s won lots of awards an is described as having lemon curd flavours and is described by one expert as “nervy and bright” which I thought sounded fun!

Honorable mentions

Stefano Lubiana Brut

I visited the winery on my last trip to Tasmania and it was amazing. This bubbly is BEAUTIFUL and sits under the price range at around $35, definitely one worth trying.

Choisel Brut NV

Keep and eye out for this one in your travels. It’s a cleanskin from a famous champagne house is really great value at only $35. You can only find it in specialist wine shops though.

Pol Roger

Far and away my favourite champagne but it sits over the budget at $62. You can get it on sale in this price range on occasions. LOVE LOVE LOVE a glass of Pol.

And finally..

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