Hair change: tremendous or horrendous?

I went the big choppy-chop on the weekend. If you’ve been following us on Instragram you might’ve seen the drama unfold live.

Here is the after - what do you think?
Here is the after – what do you think?


And how I LOVE a hair change! I find a dramatic colour or a wildly different cut highly refreshing.


 My poor long-suffering hair whisperer Kelly Stoakes was just getting comfortable, I think. After lopping it off to a super short pixie cut for my honeymoon in India, she had worked with me to grow it to lusciously mermaid proportions. I’d kept it at Rapunzel length for about three years and I’m sure she was thinking I’d never go the chop. But here we are.

A number of people I know find it somewhat terrifying going the hairdresser.

I don’t get it. I have no attachment issues in that department. My theory is: it’ll grow back. But then again, my hair grows at the rate of about a foot and a half a year (literally), so mine really will grow back. My mother-in-law is supremely jealous as she gets 1cm cut off her hair every six months. That is the extent of her hair growth – 2cm per year. That’s grim.

I’m totes chuffed with my new look. Kel did such an amazing job. Isn’t she clever? And she got out of her sick bed to do it. Shame I broke her. 

140429 hair_poor_kel edit


How do you feel about haircuts? Terrifying or terrific?

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  • I think your new ‘do’ is awesome! It makes you look younger I think 🙂 Just wondered if you donated the chopped hair or is that not so easy to do? x

    • OOO thanks heaps I reckon it has taken a few years off me too! Didn’t donate the chopped hair, didn’t think anyone would want it hahahahah x

  • Love it G! I’m a big fan of making it count when it’s time to chop too! Although I’ll admit the time I did a number 2 all over was probably on the extreme side of “making it count”. Love to see the behind view of new do – share share share!

    • Thanks Mia, I just realised I never posted the back… mad week this one!! Can’t imagine you with a blade two, but out of everyone you’d be able to carry it off, you’re a pretty lass!! xx

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new do! And I’m super jealous but now I can’t get mine lopped off too because I will look like Single White Female lady. Actually, I used to have a boyfriend that thought I looked like Jennifer Jason Leigh. Maybe there’s something in it. Hmmmmmm. I could always get that cool pageboy cut they both sported in the movie. Pretty.

    But I digress. You look amazing and I love the feeling that comes with getting a new do. I think I might go crazy with colour next. That might have to do me.

  • I got the chop a couple of months ago and I normally regret it about a week after I get it and this time was no different. I usually regret it because I can’t tie it back. I hate having the hair on the back of my neck and while it looks nice when I do something with it, most of the time I just scrape it back into a pony tail.

    • Oh NO Tegan that’s no good. It’s been almost a week and I’m not having regrets yet thank goodness!!

  • I love it, you look amazing! I’m not hugely sentimental when it comes to my hair, I will happily make snap decisions to cut/colour it while sitting in the chair (luckily my hairdresser is awesome!). I cut it all off three years ago to a super short bob. As i watched the hair fall away, I did have some second thoughts (it was a week after our babies had passed away, so in hindsight probably not the best time to be making big decisions….) I then had a slight freak out when my hairdresser bought out the clippers to get it super straight at the back! It took a couple of weeks to get used to it, but I ended up loving it. Still trying to grow it back now, but I don’t regret it.

    • Wow. Sometimes we need to have change hey Lauren. It gives us strength in some ways perhaps. I’m feeling good about the change, I think I’ll definitely grow mine back again, but not just yet. xx

    • Ah yes Roz isn’t Stoakesy the hair whisperer truly a genius? She’s very special 🙂 xx

  • I reckon the look really suits you. I’ve been avoiding a cut for a while, and my hair is the longest I’ve had it in years – I think I worry that I’m getting too old to have it long and once I cut it, that will be it. And then there are the greys! I’m booked in with the hairdresser on Saturday.

    • I’m like you – now that I’ve hit 40 I’m wondering if it’s dignified to have long locks. But then I think, Jackie Collins still has long hair. Hmmm, okay, I don’t know. Good luck at the ‘dresser tomorrow!

    • God don’t talk about the greys. Mine are horrific. I know what you mean about having it long, I’ve been saying I reckon I will grow it long one more time and then probably have to stick with it being a bit shorter and more chic 😉 I think it’s fine long if it’s well kept. Mine was looking so out of control!!! x

  • I’m a fan of doing random things to my hair, so long as they are not too random. I did that as a teen, but never again!
    And like Tegan, I need a length that I can tie up, otherwise I just get a bit annoyed.
    I’m in desperate need of a hair cut at the moment actually.

    • I’ve always been a short haired person but for the second time in my life have quite long hair (it’s always after I’ve had a baby – when I can’t be arsed doing anything with it). But now I’ve turned 40 I feel like this is the last chance I have to have really long hair before it becomes undignified. No idea where that mental cut off came from but I can’t shake it. So long it stays!

    • hahahahaa Jess I know what you mean! I once told my hairdresser i wanted my hair the colour of a cardboard box. REALLY??? Go on and treat yourself to a cut, made me feel great! 😉

  • Looks great! I I often love the idea of a crazy chop but when I do it I always (ALWAYS) hate it. My hair is just not made to look good short, I think. So, instead, I like to put bits of colour in when I am bored with it. I am contemplating going to the hairdressers soon, I need something but I am scared because I hated what the last hairdresser did to me. I think I need to find a hair whisperer!

    • I’ve started seeing Gillian’s hairdresser as well because she is SO AWESOME! Anyone in Brisbane should be sitting in Kelly Stoakes very comfortable swivel chair. I know what you mean, Becky, I am in desperate need of a change at the moment and I think colour might be the way to go. I’d like to go something a bit nuts like some pink foils or some such but I worry now I’m 40 there might be some mutton-lamb issues.

    • Ah yes my whisperer was the only hairdresser that could ever get me to grow my hair past shoulder length – it was down to my bum at it’s longest. That’s NUTS isn’t it! Thanks for the positive reinforcement Becky, good luck on your quest to find the whisperer hahahah xx

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