Friday fizz: bubbles of awesome from the web

Happy Friday, Cartel chums! Enjoy our bubbles of awesome this week – and please, tell us what we missed!

Soaking the poo out of underpants – There is something about knowing you’re not the only one doing all those shitty things that we mums seem to do. Relief. Camaraderie. Ever-so-slight schadenfraude. Whatever it is, Maxabella nails it. I actually got teary reading it. (In my defence, I have been a bit sick this week, so feeling slightly brittle.)

They came together – A preview of Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler’s much anticipated rom-com spoof. It’s amazing how many clichĂ©s can be shoehorned into a minute and a half. Hilarious.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was raised by a good woman – Check out what he says about feminism to Ellen. Does anyone else remember him from Third Rock from the Sun? I feel old.

13 things you should never say to a working mother – Project Eve supplies the laughs and a few poignant moments. My only criticism is it should come with little boxes we can tick as we clock up another one. I’m sure I’ve heard most of these from somewhere. How about you?

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