Friday fizz: bubbles of awesome from the web

Happy Friday fizz, Cartellians! And a very romantic Valentine’s Day pash with just the slightest hint of tongue – more intimate than your grandmother but nothing gross like that boy in year 10 that you didn’t really like but let kiss you anyway, but he spent 10 minutes trying to leave tooth marks in your tonsils before you managed to break away and pretend you could hear your mother calling you home for dinner. Yeah, not like that.

Those paying close attention will have noticed the Fizz was on hiatus last week because I loaded up the whole post and then it disappeared into the bloggiverse somewhere. But this week we are back, and fizzier than ever before. Take that, bloggy demons!

  • Ever wondered where Robin Thicke got his musical talents? Check out his dad, Alan Thicke (AKA Jason Seaver from Growing Pains) singing at the National Aerobics Championships in America in the 80s. Musical gold.

  • 8 messages to teach young women about happiness – also very relevant to those of us who aren’t so young but are a bit slow on the uptake. And who doesn’t like happiness?
  • The happy secret to better work – while we’re talking about happiness, Shawn Achor gives a FANTASTIC talk about how we can change our approach to being happy at work and feel a whole lot better instantly. This talk will turn the way you think about happiness at work on its head.
  • Stay in school kids – make sure you watch till the end. Not sure whether this will work at its intended purpose, but it sure is fun to watch.

  • You’re wearing your bobby pins wrong – and you have been your whole life. Feel silly? You’re not the only one. This will change your life. You know, if you wear bobby pins, that is.
  • The best awkward wedding pictures ever (like those love centaurs, above)- you know those great awkward wedding photos that have been doing the rounds for years? Yeah, well these ones are from Eastern Europe, and trump those others in every way. Trust me. Just click.
  • Cats that look like pin up girls – because this:

140208 cats pin up girls

What did we miss this week? Share your favourite snippets of the web with us, otherwise we’ll have to do some proper work.

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  • You crack me up, where do yo find this stuff?! That cat is awesome and I’m still undecided if Alan Thicke being Robin Thickes dad is amazing or makes complete sense.
    I’ve tried wearing bobby pins the other way around and it just doesn’t feel right, flat side down it is!

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