Friday Fizz: bubbles of awesome from the web

4 challenges worth accepting (pictured, above) – Zoey Martin from The Shake outlines four ways we can push ourselves to become better, braver, more fabulous versions of ourselves. With some great videos, which I love because I don’t have to read too much. It’s Friday. I’m tired.

The marathon edition – Nicole Bunyon started a fabulous support group for runners of all abilities – from the serious to the just getting off the couch – on Facebook called Running Mums Australia – and now she has a blog to go along with it. In this post, Nicole takes us on the journey of her very first marathon. Such a great writer, Nicole had me there with her the whole way. And spoiler alert: when I realised she was really going to make it, I got all weepy. She makes me think that maybe one day I can do it too. Inspirational stuff!

Ban bossy – this interesting campaign is hoping to get some more equity in the way we describe girls and boys. Where boys have leadership qualities, girls are described as bossy. Fair? What do you think? Not everyone thinks it’s a great idea though. Check out Kasey Edwards’ response for Essential Kids here. A debate to be had – what do you think?

140314 carrot cookies

Carrot cookies – because if you put carrots into cookies, they instantly become a salad, right? Besides, these little gems from One-Handed Cooks look delish – they’re on my to-bake list this weekend. Who’s joining me?

5 tips for getting to the office calmly when the kids have other plans – if you don’t need this advice from Women’s Agenda, you’re a better working mother than I – who spent my entire day yesterday with either yoghurt or toothpaste on the front of my black dress. (Every time someone pointed it out, I acted shocked like it wasn’t there five minutes ago – I think I fooled them all!)

28 things that took me 28 years to learn – the very together Katherine Mackenzie-Smith from The Beauty of Life exhibits wisdom well beyond her years and shows that those of us who spent their twenties pashing Irishmen and drinking snakebites really should have been spending our time more productively. She’s also inspiring and very nice – damn her.

And to finish us off this week (if you know what I mean), please have a look at this gorgeous video of a very nice unassuming British wedding and tell us in the comments below: would you laugh or would you cry if you were that bride?

And, just in case you were worried about Grandma, here’s a wee follow up. Ah, bless!


What did we miss this week? Do you have any fun links to share? And how about Grandma – evil or gorgeous?




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